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Crap I Get On Grindr XI

Not really sure what to say here. Would I be called a racist if I say “no” to his “Asian” question? 

I don’t agree with the term “Sexual racism” (please click here for my thoughts), but let’s say I did for a minute, shouldn’t  questions like “Are you into Asians?” be abhorrent to those who say “No Asians” on profiles is offensive? Especially coming from an Asian. 

On one hand, the PC brigade say don’t mention race exclusions on your profile, that it is demoralising for the excluded race, but do not say that people of the excluded race, should not use their race to try and get laid.

And please don’t get me started on his fetishising.

BBC experienced“. Really?!? 😳 


8 thoughts on “Crap I Get On Grindr XI

  1. And how sure are you that he doesn’t share ‘your views ‘ on sexual racism? He could just be asking your preference while stating his. Kere has a problem with that? 😨

    1. I have no problem with him stating his preference on his profile, but I do have a problem with him fetishising. (i can refer you to that post as well)

      The point is, don’t use race at all to push your agenda. One you have thought being a “Bleeding heart liberal” (albeit a faddy one) you’d subscribe to that utopia.

      1. So he told you he what he is into instead of putting it up on his profile…does that automatically makes it less of a preference than those who say ‘blacks only’ on their profiles that you have no problem with?

        1. “I love Igbo boys. Oh their skin is so smooth. They are so yellow. Ah they know how to put it down and they last for hours. Ah I will do anything for an Igbo boy.”

  2. BBC experience. As in like a Job requirement needed to get the Job done.
    You know how some dudes can complain about not getting to nut cos the other fella could handle a BBC. Here is a guy, hitting you with his level of experience on the job, and you here, all up in your feelings Mschew.

    And on the issue of fetishing, one is suppose to accept rejection, cos…well rejection is reaction and an inevitable phenomenon in human interaction. So why is it so hard for you to swallow being objectified by a fetishist? *just asking o*

      1. Having read the link provided, I think you need to realise that Objectification and qualification is essentially how men operate, because we are mainly driven by what we see. Add a very important fact that a good number of us, owe what we know about sex, sexual performance and experimentation to PORNOGRAPHY. A large chunk of these objectification amd sexual qualifications were picked up from porn and were made to appear like a norm or acceptable.
        To the fetishist, he is just talking dirty, and talking dirth has been know to turn people on. A way of encouragement and motivation for the other person. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand being objectified, I just think you are a tad too stiff on this subject. You are allowed to have some prescribed rules of engagement, but when the other person’s rules runs contrary to yours, there is this ring of them being lower than stupid in you description of them. All I am saying is sometimes, it nice to take a break from being this morally upright standing easily irritable person when things don’t work according to our prescribe and see things from the other person’s perspective. The dude in this particular post might not know he is being offensive bcos he might have had dealings with men who found his use of such words acceptable and normal.

  3. Dude, for me, I will just delete the text message because I do not like been someone’s object or fantasy! BBC really?!

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