Brotherly Sex

I came across this video clip of brothers promoting sex. Please click: Brotherly sex I think I missed the memo that said, any form of sex between two brothers is alright.  Should brothers be doing that to each other in private let alone on camera? I have seen Daddy/son themed gay porn but the actors in it, … Continue reading Brotherly Sex

Big In Japan

Few nights before I left Tokyo, in light of my visit to the onsen , I re-consider my bubble butt policy and decided to sample the locals. In other words I got horny and I lowered my standards. Maybe the butt did not have to be so round, it could be at least visible and … Continue reading Big In Japan

Finding Bubble butt.

About a week into my stay in Tokyo, I came to the sad realization that the phrase “Bubble butt” cannot be used in anyway to describe the posteriors of the local male population. This point was driven home, when I visited an Onsen – Japanese bathing facilities set around hot springs. The water from the hot … Continue reading Finding Bubble butt.