Big In Japan

Few nights before I left Tokyo, in light of my visit to the onsen , I re-consider my bubble butt policy and decided to sample the locals. In other words I got horny and I lowered my standards. Maybe the butt did not have to be so round, it could be at least visible and distinguishable from the rest of the back.

I also reasoned (in trying to justify my new policy) that it would be a shame to travel all that distance and not sample the local cuisine so to speak.  I am not one to go on holiday and look for fish and chips on the menu.Read More »

Finding Bubble butt.

About a week into my stay in Tokyo, I came to the sad realization that the phrase “Bubble butt” cannot be used in anyway to describe the posteriors of the local male population. This point was driven home, when I visited an Onsen – Japanese bathing facilities set around hot springs. The water from the hot springs are believed to have healing powers and are a central part of Japanese local tourism.Read More »

Planet Of The Assless

After a 12 hour flight from London Heathrow, surly cabin crew in ill fitting uniforms (Haba BA) and two air sickness bags later (Cabin crew did not like me either), we landed in Tokyo Japan. The land of state of the art gadgets, shrines set in rambling gardens, impeccable customer service (they don’t take tips) and fresh sushi.  I knew about the sushi before I came over, but I did not know the extent to which everything translates to fish. The toilets in the public restrooms and at the hotel are branded “Toto”. In Nigeria, Toto means “Pussy” and fish is used to describe “pussy” in gay parlance.Read More »