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Finding Bubble butt.

About a week into my stay in Tokyo, I came to the sad realization that the phrase “Bubble butt” cannot be used in anyway to describe the posteriors of the local male population. This point was driven home, when I visited an Onsen – Japanese bathing facilities set around hot springs. The water from the hot springs are believed to have healing powers and are a central part of Japanese local tourism.

The one I visited, Ooedo – onsen – monogatari, is a huge complex in the Daiba, constructed in traditional Japanese style. On arrival, as is tradition, I took off my shoes and placed them in a secure locker. I went to the reception desk to register and was given a changing room locker tag and a range of kimonos to choose from.

Having changed into a kimono, I left the male changing room and I walked through the communal area, which looks like a traditional Japanese street market. Here patrons of both sexes hangout eating and drinking dressed in kimonos. The Onsen is family friendly so there were some kids there too. The actually bathing area is segregated and here there is a no clothes policy, not even swimwear.

Sadly, he was NOT at the Onsen that day....
Sadly, he was NOT at the Onsen that day….

In the male changing room adjourning the male bathing area, I was handed a large towel for drying my body later and a smaller one to cover my modesty if I so wish. I disrobed and placed my kimono and bath towel in a locker and went to the pool area stark naked.I think there must have been around 30 or so Japanese men of all shapes and sizes – muscular, average, athletic, all of them stark naked and not one, not one with a bubble butt.

Now, I am not one for stereotypes. I do not agree that all black men have big dicks; or that every good looking, well dressed, gym-fit, “self-employed” South American guy living in and around Soho in London is on the game; or that every gay guy out clubbing hard in London from Friday night to Sunday evening every week is on drugs. No, that’s not me. With that mind set, I went to the onsen with an open mind, ignoring all stereotypes about east Asian men not being well endowed. I was wrong.

“Hung” is another word that I would not be using for Japanese men. I am not sure Andrew Christian underwear can go anywhere in enhancing these guys’ features.  No matter the build of the individual, their cock was tiny. Unlike a gay sauna, onsens have a no sex policy, so I could not say if these cocks were erect or not. I hope for their sakes they are growers and not show-ers, though it would take a lot of growing to get to the 5-6inch mark. The baths were warm so I can’t defend them and assert that the cold water that caused the shrinkage.


The other thing I noticed is that no one completely shaved their pubic hair. No Brazilians here. So the cocks hid in a tuft of straight black hair of various lengths, depending on how much trimming went on down there.

For an environment crawling with stark naked men, I would have expected some sort of cruising to take place, but I could not really tell – at least not by the locals.  There was some cruising between me and the other tourists, which was interesting and eventually fruitful, but with the locals, I was not sure it there were just confirming yet another stereotype or were interested sexually. Like I said, I could not tell if they were getting hard or not.

Lack of bubble butts aside, I really enjoyed the onsen. It was nice and lazy day and the baths were refreshing and indeed therapeutic. The visit did give me a glimpse of traditional Japanese culture. I also learned that if I want to get some local trade, I might have to rethink my bubble butt policy.

Sayonara again

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