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Big In Japan

Few nights before I left Tokyo, in light of my visit to the onsen , I re-consider my bubble butt policy and decided to sample the locals. In other words I got horny and I lowered my standards. Maybe the butt did not have to be so round, it could be at least visible and distinguishable from the rest of the back.

I also reasoned (in trying to justify my new policy) that it would be a shame to travel all that distance and not sample the local cuisine so to speak.  I am not one to go on holiday and look for fish and chips on the menu. I always try the local food. In Cape Town, I got hooked on Biltong; Rio – I had my fill of Churrasco barbecued beef; Havana the mixture of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine was ecstatic (mind you I wasn’t so crazy about the local food in Mumbai), so why should Tokyo be any different.

So after successfully convincing myself to lower my standards, I went on Grindr and arranged a hook up with a Japanese guy, that had the nearest thing to a butt I could find. It wasn’t an easy task, but my perseverance yielded results…or did it?

..the one eyed man is the King
..the one eyed man is the King

Come the appointed hour he came to my hotel room and. He was handsome and quite fit. About 5’7″, 70kg, athletic build, defined abs, nice pecs, firm legs and admittedly a pert ass, which was in proportion with the rest of his body. The butt had a presence, not what I would normally go for, but like the saying goes, “In the land of the blind….”

After some small talk we got down to business. We fumbled around for a bit and he started giving me head rather tentatively. He approached my dick as if he was scared of it. He grabbed hold of it with both hands and proceeded to flick his tongue over the tip cautiously. It was almost as if he was scared my dick would scald his tongue.

Japanese Flick
Flick, Flick

Whilst this was felt good at the beginning, it became strange when it continued for about five more minutes. (Surely his tongue should have got used to the temperature by now). I wondered if this was how he was thought to give head in male geisha school.

I tried guiding his head down to persuade him to take in more of the length, but he started making scary gagging noises. I eased up and tried another approach.

I fingered his tight asshole. It was clean (thus confirming that those Hi-tec toilets are put to good use) . He let out a moan. I applied some lube to my finger and fingered him some more to loosen him up. He seemed to enjoy it. I felt he was ready for me to enter him. I slapped on a condom and lubed my dick. Finally, I will be riding Kawasaki. He lay on his back and raised his legs. I got on him and tried to enter him. I could only get half the tip of my dick in. He was too tight. I pushed his legs back to gain better access, still no full entry. I spread his legs apart and I still could not get in any further.

I got him on his knees into the doggy position, so that I could enter from behind. No, that didn’t work either. We tried the cowboy position where he would sit on me and guide me inside him. No siree.

After about 20 minutes and what seemed like eternity trying every which way, my dick became sore. Exasperated, I asked him if he had ever bottomed before?

He answered “Hai. Yes. All the time-o. With Japanese guys. You my first brack man! Your cock too big-o!!

Yes, it official.  I am BIG in Japan.

Ego slightly inflated, I had a few more tries without any success.  He was quite apologetic for not being more accommodating, which I felt was sweet. I gave him a re-assuring hug and told him it wasn’t his doing that I was big. He got dressed and left.

Well at least I can say I tried the local cuisine, but it did not go down at all….

Sayonara  y’all

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