Brotherly Sex

I came across this video clip of brothers promoting sex. Please click: Brotherly sex

I think I missed the memo that said, any form of sex between two brothers is alright.  Should brothers be doing that to each other in private let alone on camera? I have seen Daddy/son themed gay porn but the actors in it, I assume, are not related. The guys in this video clip are twins. Not sure what kind of porn genre this falls under, but it doesn’t feel right. Call me a prude, call me old fashioned, but there is something objectionable about it.

Joffery Baratheon
King Bitch

One good thing is that it wouldn’t lead to an offspring like Joffery Baratheon in Game of Thrones or (it is rumoured) Honey Boo Boo. We all know what grief the former is causing – his mother/aunt is an evil mess; his father/uncle has had one hand chopped off and half of the Starks are dead. At least Joffery is fictional, Honey Boo Boo on the other hand….I digress….

What happens when one of the brothers finds a significant other? Will the other brother get jealous and derail the relationship? Maybe they both share a boyfriend – a ménage a trios. But with brothers?!?  Perhaps I am over thinking this.

Question is who fuels the demand for this kind of gay sex?

Is this wrong?  Answers please!!

4 thoughts on “Brotherly Sex

  1. not condoning it or anything, but just to put some facts out there….first of all, it doesn’t seem that the “seal the deal”…secondly, it’s always been said that “twins are close”…and thirdly, many straight men fantasise and even “execute” a threesome with female twins. Are we to assume that such an arrangement with a third party’s alright, but not in the absence of a third party??

    1. Firstly, No, the “deal is not sealed” in the clip. But I did say “any form of sex”. Secondly, Yes Twins are close, but are they THAT close into adulthood? Thirdly, the post does not assume or imply such sex is ok with a third party present. Infact I do question what type of person fuels such porn….

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