Even More Brotherly Sex

Earlier in the year I blogged about sex between twin brothers – Brotherly Sex. In it was a video clip where twin brothers were fooling around. Someone commented that even though he does condone the notion of sex between brothers, they did not “seal the deal” in the clip and so its kinda ok.

Well the Twins are at it again and while the clip may not show actual penetrative sex the fooling around together is bad enough. (I will leave the definition of sex to Clinton vs Lewinsky)  

The Brothers Sex...
The Brothers Sex…

In that post I was perturbed by the fact that siblings would get on the screen and have sex with each other, but there seems to be a market for porn showing brothers making out. Check out the Visconti triplets.

And where siblings cannot be cast to carry out the act on screen actors are recruited to act out fantasies. In this clip there appear to be two hillbilly brothers having full blown sex. They maybe actors re-enacting a cultural thing, but it still doesn’t make it right.

In this characteristically over dramatic tele-novella, I can see a bit of the resemblance between the actors, but they could be brothers. Clever casting maybe, but the idea is still a bit unsettling.

And then this one of the Carlo Brothers, Carlo senior pimps out Carlo junior to some skinny hobo who looks like he needs food rather than sex. Then for good measure, Older bro gives Little bro a seeing to.  I am not sure which is worse: watching the hobo fucking or the real brothers are fucking?

*Shakes Head*

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