Sex In Torremolinos


It was the week before the unfortunate Brexit vote. I thought I’d visit mainland Europe, just in case the UK did the stupid thing and shot themselves in the foot. Alas they did. (Shit! I need to get to Mexico before November 28th).

So I took a five-day break in Torremolinos in Andalucía, Spain. I had visited the region around the same time last year, but stayed about a 15 minute drive away in Malaga. Much of the five days were spent at Eden Club, which was on the gay part of the beach. Depending on the day of the week, it teemed with lots of good looking guys and to balance things out some not so good looking ones.

Weekends were usually busier than weekdays. It was on the Saturday during my stay, that I noticed three friends, lounging under a beach umbrella, a few spots from mine. Continue reading

Crap I Get On Grindr X – A Greek Tragedy


My last entry “Crap I Get On Grindr IX” (click here) took place last week,while on a short break on the Greek Island of  Mykonos, where someone (let’s name him Stalker)  tracked me down to my Hotel.

The way I figure it, Stalker liked my profile on Grindr and messaged me a few times. When I did not respond to any of his messages, he saw that I was within reasonable range of his location, came to my hotel and sent  a message to say he was out front.

The thing is finding me was by no means a Herculean task (or as intriguing as say Huck using high tech equipment to track down his torture victim in Scandal). No, it was quite simple – I was the only black guy at the time, staying in the main (if not only) gay hotel on the Island. Continue reading

Pastor Steven Anderson – What About The Children?


This morning on Twitter, I came across this video of Pastor Steven Anderson, blasting the South African Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba, for wanting to ban him from entering South Africa. The Pastor who is  known for his homophobic hate speeches, is due to visit South Africa in a few weeks to spread the gospel. An online petition has been signed by over 7000 people, calling for the minister to stop him from entering the country.

I am not particularly fussed about his vocal stance against homosexuality. I have been around long enough to know that when Pastors spend most of their time preaching the gospel of homophobia using the well-worn verses in Leviticus to support their archaic views, because sooner or later they get payback.  Payback, being the bitch that she more often than not, straps on a 10 inch dildo, lifts them up and spins them around and fucks them with brute force. And the big reveal would be that payback visits them at least twice a week and sometimes brings a friend along. So I am not worried; Pastor Anderson’s matter is settled.

But what concerns me, after wasting 9 minutes of my life watching his diabolical tirade, is his parenting skills.

What kind of parent  makes a video a 9 minute video while driving a vehicle with children in it? (I am assuming they are his kids).  I am not a parent, but I have four nieces. If I drove them in a car and so much as picked up a hand held device whilst the car engine is on, the second one who is 9 years old would give me a tongue lashing. This would be after the older 11 year old one would give their mother a graphic (albeit exaggerated account) of what happened. Then  their mum who would then drag me over the coals for endangering the lives of her precious angels. All because I tried to check Google maps on my phone at a red traffic light!?!

And this fool is making a 9 minute video while driving!?!? 

And the kids did not all have seat belts on, as evidenced by the little girl in the backseat waving at the camera. She kept popping her head over his left shoulder and putting her head out of the moving vehicle.  All the Pastor has to do is brake hard and if she is lucky, her face would connect with the back of his seat. Or what if he was startled  by  light surrounding him like it did Saul in the New Testament, on the Road to Damascus and he swerved, she would be out the window. (That last scenario won’t happen to him seeing as he is still stuck in the old testament fellating Leviticus).

And please what kind of parent uses the word “Sodomite” repeatedly in front of his young children and instils in them his imagined consequences of sodomy? What if the older boy in the back seat behind him on his right, who looks no older than 13 ( Cute.I am sure he has his mother’s good looks), starts having homosexual tendencies? How would he feel knowing that is father is vehemently homophobic? The psychological damage it would cause him.

And the impressionable younger kids. Hearing their father’s words, wouldn’t they say horrible things to other kids in the school playground. Wouldn’t they be bullies?

I say, to the Home Minister  never mind the Pastor’s hate speech, ban him from entering South Africa for being a reckless driver. I think you have enough of those in South Africa you don’t need any more.

As for the US authorities, I am sure there are a few driving violations this man made while making this video, not to mention child endangerment . Or perhaps you guys are busy investigating why a lady used her home e-mail server do office work.



Blue Dolphin – Massage with a Happy Ending


I like having massages, especially sports massage, which helps prevent injuries and alleviate Delay Onset of Muscular Soreness (DOMS) in certain parts of the body, which maybe caused by sports or regular gym workouts.

I am also partial to a relaxing massage every now and then, especially on holiday. Examples include Ayurveda, Swedish, Hot stone, Thai and Oil massages. During some of them, especially the oil and Ayurveda ones, things could rise to the fore, and depending on the local tradition a satisfactory conclusion is customary. At least that is what they told me in Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo during a lomi-lomi massage. So not being one to  cause offense and  disrespect local customs… Continue reading

Gym Vibing

johnny bravo

Starbucks baristas are notorious for misspelling my name when taking my order and writing it on the paper cup. It comes out meaning nothing to me, but clearly meaning something to the barista taking the order in whatever language they speak. How many ways can you spell “Keredim”? Ask a Starbucks Barista.

I have a friend who has the same name as I do and we got into a competition to see whose local Starbucks will come up with the weirdest spelling of our name.

I lost the contest. However in my competitiveness, I had more than a few sugary Starbucks drinks and pastries; add to that a recent 10 day trip to Nigeria where all I did was eat freshly cooked meals, I gained more than a few pounds and my hips stopped lying in my trousers.

Big butt

So I have adopted a new workout regime and eating plan. One of those 12 week body transformation programs which I have modified to suit my lifestyle. The modification means it will take anything from between 12 months and 12 years to look anything like the “after” photo shopped models used to advertise the programs on Instagram.

As prescribed by the program I rest between sets during an exercise. During this time, I keep myself amused by looking around the gym and making up stories about other gym members. Continue reading