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London Pride @ 50

Saturday July 2nd, 2022 marked the 50th Anniversary of the first Pride march ever held in London back in 1972.

According to reports, over 1 million people came out to watch. Not knowing what the situation is with the epidemiology of Monkey pox and why it appears to only infect gay and bisexual men and coupled with the warning issued by the London public health authorities, I donned some protective gear (a Burqa I wore years ago to get out of a rather precarious and highly classified situation, so don’t ask) and joined the 1 million.

Here are some pictures I took and I apologise in advance for the quality – the sun did not attend the Pride march and taking pictures in a Burqa ain’t easy.


One thought on “London Pride @ 50

  1. See me hoping to see you in the so called Burqa 😂🤣😂🤣

    The moneypox tire person oh. These days I sneeze too much and my mind suddenly goes there. *COVID trauma lives on*

    On the positive side, they say it’s showing up more in gay men because of the fear of STDs that makes them visit the clinic sharp sharp when symptoms surface 🤷🏾‍♂️

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