Just finished in the gym. It was an amazing workout. I am pumped.  I am on a high.  I think the high is caused by some happy enzyme that the body produces after a good workout.  Some can’t get enough of it so they go clubbing and get it from some (club) licensed purveyor (Drug… Continue reading HAPPY JUICE!!!

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I watched Prometheus the other week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was well made, had a good story line and good actors. But I was a bit perplexed about the opening scene, where some spaceship took off leaving the well-muscled, near-butt naked Engineer behind. I reckon his mates were jealous, because he had… Continue reading Prick-metheus

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Pride and Pre-juices

Its World pride today in London. Watching the procession go by, brought back fond memories of past pride events  I attended in the past and what pride means to me.  This is best described in a post I had written for a year ago. They have kindly allowed me reproduce it here..... I have attended… Continue reading Pride and Pre-juices