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I watched Prometheus the other week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was well made, had a good story line and good actors. But I was a bit perplexed about the opening scene, where some spaceship took off leaving the well-muscled, near-butt naked Engineer behind. I reckon his mates were jealous, because he had a hot date and they left him though he was only a few minutes late for the departure time.  Pissed off, he had some bad coffee  – probably from Starbucks, disintegrated into the sea and his DNA hooked up with other DNA and then fast forward to 2014.

I didn’t understand where that was – Earth or the Engineers’ planet? What was the significance of the Engineer’s apparent suicide? My tiny mind could not comprehend. So I went on the Internet in search of answers. I found forums and blog pages fanatically dedicated to the film. There was no shortage of theories and hypotheses on, not only that particular scene but also the raison d’être of the movie. They were needlessly analysing and second-guessing Ridley Scott’s intention with the movie.  The write-ups went into many pages at times; at one point I thought I was researching my university degree dissertation.

In the end, I was more confused than I was when I started my search.  All I wanted was the answer to a scene and what I got was a quasi-judicial report on the gaping holes in Prometheus and unsatisfactory link to the Alien Movies. For example, how the space ship in Prometheus did not have the same registration number as the one in the first Alien movie.  WTF??!!

I sent a friend of mine an e-mail asking the same question. He too proceeded to write me an Erzahlung (novella) and waxed lyrical about the flaws in the film and how Darwinism and big bang theory had been glossed over . It took me two days to finish reading the e-mail and still no answer to my question.

I started to wonder if I watched the same film as these people. Or maybe I slept through the entire film (its been know to happen). I certainly remember a guy wearing a space suit being fucked in the mouth by a huge worm.  Or maybe I am so vacuous, I don’t spend time thinking about a film and what it means and what impact it has on life, as I know it. Did I miss a subliminal message oozing out of those Alien eggs in the film? Maybe I am not intellectual enough to grasp these things. What did I miss??

So I decided to pay more attention to things I watch in the cinema, on the TV or the Internet. I will be more analytical and think about how what I have watched could be flawed and yet meaningful; rather than just sit back and escape into a world of fantasy.

I found what one may describe as an “artistic” website and watched this movie watched a film titled “Faking an Injury” It may not be a blockbuster, but I think it deserves the attention of the new analytical me.

A short summary of the film: Guy comes into the office on crutches and tells his boss he cannot help in the office move because he broke his leg. Boss follows guy and films him walking without crutches. Next day, Boss confronts guy with evidence and gives him a hammering. Please watch the clip.

Now there are holes (apart from the two well used ones) in that clip. How did the boss know the worker would take dick up his ass (so well).  Its good to see one of them had a condom at the ready, though.

The worker, how come he is so clean inside? No mess. Does he douche every morning before going to work, knowing his boss (or anyone) may fuck him? As it was a BIG company move, how come no one else heard them? They were pretty loud! Was the office soundproofed?

Surely it would have been easier to fire or suspend the worker? The worker could turn round and sue for sexual harassment.

I think I will set up a forum to discuss these flaws.

As soon as I get over my nausea and  shock , I will harpoon  examine the next clip

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