Unusual Threesome

Year: 2008; Month: May. Place: Eixample, Barcelona. Weather:  Sunny 30˚C.  Hot Men Index: 7 (10 being the highest). Testosterone level:  Above Average (aka Horny) I had arranged a hook up on line.  His place was a few minutes walk from where I was staying. As I approached the apartment block, there was a guy standing… Continue reading Unusual Threesome

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When Does Sexual Fantasy Become Offensive?

Is it really necessary to racially vocalise one’s sexual desire in the heat of the moment? For example, while happily pounding away on a guy’s arse, he moans “Fuck me harder with your big black dick”. Now that turned me off for three reasons: 1) It sounded like I was in a low budget porn… Continue reading When Does Sexual Fantasy Become Offensive?