Black, Gay, 40 and fabulous.

Over the next few months some of my gay homies will be hitting the big 4-0…. A few nice words from me.


So it’s the big 4-0 today, huh? In gay terms, it is the dreaded age when everything starts to sag, wrinkles start appearing on your face and grey hairs make their debut.  To the younger gays you are now deemed ancient, sexually unattractive and in their opinion you should be confined to a retirement home. Your sex drive is supposed to wane. If you declare your true age on your gaydar profile, you will get fewer and fewer messages; you will have to do the chasing from now on.  To them, today is like the millennium bug or the Mayan apocalypse – this is the day your world ends.Read More »


The Conversion Of A Gay Sex Addict

Hi my name is Keith and I used to be a sex addict.

Scientists say men think about sex every 7 seconds (not sure how they determined that), but I was pretty much close to that mark.

I work in an investment company based in the city and it can be quite hectic. Some days I could work 11-12 hours at the office, but still I would find time for sex.  On a typical weekday, before work in the morning I would go to the gym and cruise some hot guy on the gym floor.  Then we would have one form of sex or the other as was discretely possible in the showers or the sauna.

Then I would go on Grindr and arrange a quickie for lunchtime. Could be with another city worker or anyone passing through the area. I have an apartment  a 10 min taxi ride away from the office in a street aptly named Cock Hill . So location for trysts was not a problem.


Before the workday ends, I would arrange another hook up for the evening.  So on average, Monday to Friday I would have three encounters a day.Read More »