Shag-seeing in Tel Aviv

It was 7am on Wednesday morning and I was standing at the edge of the bed, with my back against the wall and “Fluffer” was sliding his muscular ass back and forth along my hard cock with such ferocity I almost shed my load. To stop myself cumming, I willed myself to think about how I got myself in this position.

I arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel the previous afternoon and took a taxi to the rented studio apartment on Dizengoff Street, North of the City Centre. It was a big, well-appointed studio with a good-sized bathroom with self-catering facilities.  Its close proximity to transport links, restaurants and the beach made it perfect for the weeklong break in the city.

After unpacking, I went out to get my bearings around the area as well as find something to eat in one of the restaurants recommended by friends.  It was late October which is the beginning of the winter season and it got dark by 5pm, but the streets are well lit and the area very safe. The temperature was about 22˚C so I took an evening stroll along the beachfront walking south from Gordon beach towards Old Jaffa.  After about five blocks I turned inland and headed back to the apartment.

After taking a shower and checking my e-mails, I logged on to Grindr to checkout the local trade . I also set up an account on Atraf – the Israeli online gay dating website favoured by the locals.  Both were busy for a weekday and both had more or less the same profiles.  There were many hot guys to choose from and I was like a kid in a candy store not knowing which one to contact first. Within 5 mins however, I got overwhelmed by loads of messages  and I tried to answer them all.

Thinking I was in London, I increased my chances of securing a successful hook up and arranged three hot hook ups for the same time. But I wasn’t in London and now the hook ups were quite keen – I had completely forgotten that the “freshmeat”  factor was in my favour.

Thankfully one of them dropped out (something about his sister –in –law going into labour) and we agreed to meet the following evening.  But I still had two on the go.  As fate would have it, “Guy1” decided he would be an hour late and the “Guy2” didn’t want to have sex that night he just wanted to “meet and greet” with the possibility of hooking up in the near future.

Normally, I wouldn’t tolerate this “meet and greet” in London, as it is a complete waste of time. But being I was on holiday and I wanted to see if it meant something else in Tel Aviv, I was open to it. Besides I was a bit tired and if Guy2 wanted to have sex I wouldn’t be able to have sex with Guy1 an hour later.

So come the appointed time -11pm, I heard a soft knock on the door and I opened it. The guy standing there had an olive complexion; in his early thirties, about 5’6″, 65kg, muscular and everything seemed to be in the right proportion. He had a rugged sexy face and a naughty twinkle in his brown eyes. He was wearing a vest and a pair of jeans. I invited him in and after a few seconds of chit-chat, he got on his knees and pulled down my shorts and started giving me head.

Wow, this guy didn’t mess about. He sucked away for a good five minutes, then he said he would have loved to stay and get fucked, but he had to get back home to his boyfriend.  He however promised to comeback at 7am the following morning on his way to work to finish what he started.  He made me promise not to have a wank before then.

I thought that was an interesting proposition but I never thought it would happen. He also made me promise to return his Whatsapp message, when he sends me a message in the morning. I agreed.  We kissed good-bye and he left me all fluffed and ready for Guy1, who turned up 15mins later.

Guy1 – Ben was in his late twenties, about 6ft tall, Gavri (masculine) with a handsome face; low cut blond hair with a gym toned hairy body and a pert ass.  Well Shalom, come to papa. And he did.  We got down to business immediately. (These guys don’t mess around) He took off his clothes and I pulled down my shorts exposing the state fluffer had left me in.  Ben started licking my nipples and worked his way down to my cock after lingering awhile on my abs. He licked my cock from tip to base a few times before engulfing it in his warm moist mouth.

I reached down and played with his nipples. He moaned. I reached down further and massaged his thick dick. He moaned louder. We got on the bed and I manoeuvred him so that while he is sucking me off while I am fingering his hairy ass. The more I played with his hairy ass, the more he bore down onto my fingers. I felt he was ready to be ploughed.

I wrapped my dick up, applied lube and then I greased his ass. He got on his back and pulled his knees towards his shoulders, thus pulling legs and ass cheeks apart and revealed his pink hole. He asked me to be gentle as he was usually a top and hadn’t been fucked in a while. I got into position and entered him. He was very tight at first, but they say muscles have memory. I guess his rectal muscle remembered quickly what it felt like to have a dick inside it, because within a few minutes it relaxed and became very accommodating. It was the right fit. It wasn’t too tight and it wasn’t too loose.

We tried a few other positions and finished off in the doggy position. He took a shower and got dressed. It was 1am and he had to be at the airport for 5am for a flight to the States on business. Before he left however, he gave me some tips on places to visit in Tel Aviv and gay clubs to go to. He also left me his number to contact him if I had questions, which was very sweet of him.

He left and I took a shower and hit the sack about 1.30am

6.30am I got a Whatsapp notification on my phone. It is Guy2 – Fluffer. Damn, he really meant it – I was so used to London shags not being on time, that is when they actually decide to turn up. He said he would be at my room in 30 mins. I quickly jumped into the shower. I was ready in 20mins. At 7am, there was a knock on the door and I let Fluffer in.  I just had a towel on and within seconds it was on the floor. Fluffer disrobed and continued from where he left off last night. Now I could really see his body. It was compact and you could tell he did a lot of gym work and he had nice arms, a tight torso and strong muscular legs. He may have been a dancer in the past.

We got on the bed and he continued giving me head.  I played with is nipples for a bit and tried to grab is dick, but he pulled away. I looked down at his dick. Its was as compact as he was and dripping with pre-cum.

TLV - Random Ass
TLV – Random Ass

He saw the condoms and lube on the bedside table. He put one on me and applied lube on it and lubed his ass up.  He was very much in control, guiding me into the positions he wanted to get fucked in. Doggy, missionary and standing positions. He was quite flexible. Now I found myself standing with by the side of the bed with my back against the wall for support, with him on all fours on the bed grinding on my dick.

This is where I found myself looking for a way to distract myself from cumming. He was power bottom and I wasn’t complaining; but watching his muscular Tusik (ass), gliding back and forth along my dick was getting too much for me and after about 10 mins I had to take it home. I spun him around with my dick still inside him so that he was on his back and we were in the missionary position again. He looked into my eyes and I winked at him and took control and started thrusting. I thrust deep and long. He moaned and grabbed his cock and starts wanking himself off. His body stiffens as he lets out a long soft moan and then the money shot –  he came all over his tight abs. I thrust a few more times and came as well.

I lay on the bed while he took a quick shower and got dressed to go to work. We said our goodbyes and he left. He said he would contact me again before I went back to London.

That was amazing, two hot guys within hours of arriving in Tel Aviv. Could have been more if I wasn’t so tired from my flight over and wanted to pace myself. This was meant to be primarily a sightseeing trip and not a shagging trip. So I had to strategise and made it a shag-seeing trip.  For the rest of the time I was in Tel Aviv, I arranged hook ups around places of interests as prescribed by the guidebook .

For example, I met a guy in Old Jaffa. Old Jaffa is the oldest part of Tel Aviv, linked to King Solomon and Jonah. I hired a bicycle and cycled there using the well-planned bike path network while taking in some of the sights along the way.

The Old Jaffa light house
The Old Jaffa light house
Old Jaffa
Old Jaffa- Piece of Art that look like a douche
Old Jaffa- Piece of Ceramic Art that resembled a douche

He was a personal trainer and had a girlfriend, but he was bi-curious.  He was 24 years old, 5’ 9”, athletic build, firm buttocks with a tattoo on the small of his back (Now if that ain’t gay…..). Now being the gentleman that I am, I did what I could to help him explore his bi-sexuality. And boy did we explore. I got the impression, on initial entry that he had had a few other explorers digging his cave, but not with big enough shovels. By the time we finished, it looked like I had broadened his horizons by the way he walked into the bathroom to clean up.

There was a hook up or two, every day I was on holiday, except one day and it wasn’t on Sabbath, the Jewish day of rest.  You would have thought the day of rest meant just that. Nope! I had two separate sessions and one was a threesome.  No,the day I didn’t have a hook up was the day I went to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. But I did exchange numbers with a couple of other bathers at the Dead Sea and one of them translated into a shag later in the week.

Getting ready for Mud Wrestling...
Dead Sea – Getting ready for Mud Wrestling…
Dead Sea - DILF in background
Dead Sea – DILF in background

I spent some quality time at Hilton beach, which is the gay beach. The guys were quite hot and friendly. It would have been impolite not to reciprocate which I did few times either at their place or mine.

Hilton Beach - Friendly Skies....
Hilton Beach – Friendly seas….
Hilton Beach - He aiight...
Hilton Beach – Hmmm maybe…
Hilton - Some guy with a tattooed back
Hilton Beach- Some guy with a tattooed back

The hook ups were not always successful. One time I arrived at a guy’s place and he was at least 10 years older than his Grindr pic (I guess Shag-fish is a global issue). I made my excuses and left.  That profile photo/reality mismatch only happened once during stay in Tel Aviv.  It would have been significantly higher back in London.

It was difficult to leave on the final day. And I don’t mean because of the tall, muscular guy I was banging a few hours before I had to leave for the airport, whose pear shape butt wouldn’t quit and rippled each time I slammed him from behind. It was because of the trendy restaurants, shops, local food, architecture, the beach and the history surrounding it.  Tel Aviv also has a relaxed vibe about it and the people are quite friendly and are willing to help with directions.

All said, it was a wonderful trip and I am already planning my next trip there for next year. Watch this space.

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  1. Chai! All this sex some pipu are having sha. I envy you guys. Lol. The fear of awon psychos and catching feelings just keeps one put 😕

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