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Crap I Get On Grindr V

  Not sure what's going on, but I have noticed that an increasing number of men on Grindr are featuring women in their profiles and in pictures they send during conversations. The pictures are usually selfies posesĀ of the guy and a female friend, both young (probably University students) taken at various locations. Increasingly, I get… Continue reading Crap I Get On Grindr V

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Sex In Prague

It is Sunday. I have been in Prague for two weeks with work. I am horny. I am an arse man.I make no apologies about that. I like them bubble, I like them muscular, I like them pert, I like them visible. When I see guys I like on the street, bus, train, clubs, bars,… Continue reading Sex In Prague

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More Sex in the Gym Sauna

I had a very stressful day at work with a very difficult client and at the end of the day I came to the gym to workout the frustration and reduce stress levels. After my workout I went into the sauna with the intention of relaxing the tense muscles and hopefully melt away the stress.… Continue reading More Sex in the Gym Sauna

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Sex At The End Of Lent

It is Easter Sunday, the day when lent officially ends. What better place to end lent than in Europa Multiclub sauna in Rome, which is in the same palazzo that houses some Vatican apartments. Alas no, maybe next year - I was actually in Paris for Easter. I arrived in Paris a few days before… Continue reading Sex At The End Of Lent

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Sex In The Gym Sauna

A week ago after my work out session, I went into the sauna. I was alone with my thoughts; towel round my waist minding my own business, when some guy came in, sat down opposite me, opened his towel and started playing with himself. He was looking at me while doing this so I could… Continue reading Sex In The Gym Sauna