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Sex At The End Of Lent

It is Easter Sunday, the day when lent officially ends. What better place to end lent than in Europa Multiclub sauna in Rome, which is in the same palazzo that houses some Vatican apartments. Alas no, maybe next year – I was actually in Paris for Easter.

I arrived in Paris a few days before Easter. It was about my fifth time in Paris and I had done the tourist stuff on previous visits. This visit was spent mostly walking around the streets of Le Marais where I was staying, discovering different local shops and lovely patisseries, whilst minding dog poo on the pavement.

Street Art Le Maris

I spent sometime online and on Grindr lining up shags for Sunday. Initial plan was to set up a few shags to end the self imposed sex drought for lent. There was a lot of interest, guess it was the ‘Fresh meat’ effect, but they all wanted to meet immediately.

The other pitfall with online hook ups, is the pictures are not always accurate. I would have to breakup the meeting if the images weren’t representative of he real article and it can be awkward.  So to optimize time and shags, I decided on another approach – the sauna. There everyone is naked and you know what you would be getting up front. No surprises.

Sunday about 2pm after a light lunch, I tried out Gym Louvre on Rue De Louvre. It is on two levels; the gym on the ground floor and the sauna on lower ground floor. The idea is after a work out, guys would go to the sauna for a bit of fun. Punters have a choice of either having a workout or going to the sauna or both.  I headed for the sauna, but not before checking out the talent in the gym. There were some fit, good-looking guys there so it looked promising.

Locker Room Crusing 

I went to my assigned locker, stripped, tied a towel round my waist and took a shower. I surveyed the sauna area to get used to the layout.  It was quite spacious; it had well appointed private cabins with condoms and lube. As for the clientele, well it was made mostly of men aged between 55 and above and not in great shape. The few young good looking muscular guys there that looked interesting paid me no attention. They gravitated towards the older men who they spoke in French to and in Portuguese among themselves. Read what you like into that.

After an hour of cruising and trying unsuccessfully to engage with them, I decided to cut my losses and headed off to a tried and tested sauna. Such was my eagerness to end my fast; I practically ran the distance to Sun City on Rue Sebastopol. It was just before 4pm and there was a queue to get in.  A couple of guys in the queue looked interesting, but one never knows for sure until the reveal when clothes are off. I made a mental note to check them out later.

I paid, headed to my assigned locker in the changing area; took off my clothes, tied a towel round my waist and off for a quick shower. Then the hunt began.  Contrary, to the Gym Louvre, the place was heaving. Downstairs was a pool, a relaxation area and a bar. There was also the steam area, which wasn’t very hot but was wet. There were some guys in there. Some touching each other up and having one form of sex or the other, whilst others stood and watched.

Let me touch you there….

 This wasn’t for me. I hung around for a bit and then went upstairs to the top floor. Upstairs was a low-lit maze of private cabins where you can walk around stalking a prey or just stand in a strategic position and hope someone you find attractive catches your fancy.  I did a quick walk round to reacquaint myself with the layout and also to see if there was anyone I could hook up with.  One guy caught my eye. He was black, good looking, with an athletic build, with a nice pert ass. We sized each other up briefly and he went into a cabin and I followed him in and closed the door behind me.

One thing I like about sex in gay sauna – you don’t have to say much. There is no time wasted on chatting. No copious exchange of messages asking, “What are you into?” Or “What are you here for?” The answer to the latter is obvious and the former is answered within a matter of seconds of initial physical contact. Because words are hardly spoken, I don’t have to learn how to say, “Bend over and take my dick” or “Suck, my dick” in the local language. Its all in the hands.

So Drogba – for I later discovered he was from Cote Dvoire and I spoke very little initially but we engaged in a little foreplay. He played with my nipples and I reciprocated. I loosened his towel and let it drop. I let mine drop too. His dick stood erect. It was a good size cut dick too. He sucked on my nipples for a while and I gently put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him onto his knees so that he could start sucking my dick. Its all in the hands.

I bent over and reached behind him and caressed his bum eventually brushing my fingers over his anus. I reached for lube and greased my fingers and fingered his inside his bum. He stopped sucking me and let out a moan. He was game. Nice one. I reached for a condom put it on and applied lube.

There it is

He turned around, his back facing me and he bent over. I entered him and hit town!!! It had been awhile, 40 days in the wilderness. 40 days of dryness, this guy was moist. I thought, I had forgotten how to do it, but it is like riding a bicycle, you never forget and I tell you, I rode like my life depended on it. I rode like Olympic gold medalist Chris Hoy did in the track cycling event at the Olympics. I rode hard and long and I held on tight. I was not even aware he had shot his load before I did. Poor guy. He didn’t know what hit him, I actually thought I wouldn’t last that long, as it had been 40 days and I was all backed up, but to my pleasant surprise, I lasted well over 10mins.

It was only after then that we spoke.  He told me in broken English that he came from Cote D’voire but had been living in Paris for 3 years. He told me his name, I couldn’t remember it, hence the name Drogba. He said he not visit the sauna regularly. He said it in a guilty way, like he was ashamed of being there.  Not wanting to make him feel bad, I told him I was visiting from the UK and was just walking by and though I should check out the place. We thanked each other for a good time and parted company.

I headed straight for the shower and then to the bar for a Coca-cola to recover.  Recovery was swift. I was ready to go again. I think it’s the combo of the steam from the sauna and some good looking men walking around in towels actively cruising that got me going.

Hey, stop waving they thing at me…… 

Next prey looked Middle Eastern, maybe from North Africa. Masculine, handsome dark skin with a beard and a hairy chest. He was wearing a ring on his wedding finger. He cruised me and I cruised back. I followed him into a cabin. We fumbled around and he tried to insert his finger up my ass. I gently guided him away.

I asked him in broken French if he was passive or active, to which he answered with a deep voice and in perfect English that he was usually active, but on this occasion he would be passive for me. In my mind, I thought, in terms of cleanliness this might not end well.  There might  be a high chance this would be messy. Here is a guy wearing a wedding band, so I instantly assume he was married to a woman and is on the down low. He also said he was usually active, this says to me he may not have douched.  Or he could be married to a man, after all the French were about to pass a law recognizing same sex gay marriage. But I think he was married to a woman.

Nevertheless, the sight of his ass was arousing and I promised myself I would stop if it turned out to be messy. So I put on a condom and lubed myself up. He applied lube to his ass. He turned around and bent over, leaning on the wall for support. He arched his ass towards me and I entered him. It was a smooth entry. Not a characteristic of a usually active guy. After a few strokes, I pulled my dick out to check the condom and it was clean; Wow! This man had douched. He was as clean as a whistle. I dare say, the condom looked cleaner than before I entered him. Nothing as hot as fucking a real man with a nice round clean ass.

Again I went to town, but this time not as fast and furious as before. After a long while, he asked to stop so that he could rest his legs; but I wouldn’t disengage, so I got him to get on his knees and I continued. A little while later, he grabbed his dick and started wanking off himself furiously. He mumbled something in Arabic and I felt his rectal muscle clenching my dick and then he shuddered, gasped and pulled away from me. I hadn’t come yet. He said he couldn’t carry on. He wiped himself clean and shot out of the cabin. I guess it might have been the guilt and shame thing again. He left me standing there with a massive boner, not even an offer to suck or wank me off. How selfish!!! I waited a minute to will my boner down to a level not to attract too much attention. Then I got a fresh towel and had a quick shower. I ordered another drink and stayed in the relaxation area.

Chill out 

Then I saw it!  It was relatively large round and shapely. There was an instant stirring in my loins, which is putting it mildly.  Nelly’s song Apple Bottom Jeans, started playing in my head, because that is the only way I can describe it, through song. (I really must stop watching Glee).  It was attached to one of the guys I clocked in the queue at the main entrance hours ago. He had a handsome face and a cheeky smile. He did not have a particularly muscular body, but he was young and a few hours a week in the gym and he would be an Adonis; or maybe that what I told myself to justify tapping that ass!

Apple Bottom

He looked at me and I gave him a nod. He left the group he was with and headed upstairs to the private cabins. He looked behind to see if I was following him and I was. He stopped at the top of the stairs and we spoke briefly. Turns out he was from Eastern Europe and had spent six months in England learning English. (It seemed that day was my lucky day with the language thing).

He suggested we use a private cabin that had mirrored walls. The only problem was, that there was only one in the whole sauna and it was occupied by some skinny guy who was naked, had the door open and was playing with his long dick. He was hoping someone would walk in and play with him. We stood there hoping he would get the hint that we wanted to us the cabin, after all no one seemed interested in his long dick, at least not for now.

Normally I would suggest going to another cabin, but such was my desire for bite into the Apple bottom ass, I thought it fair that the owner should have some comfort while I caused the damage. I momentarily lost any sense of propriety and I asked skinny guy, if he could vacate the cabin for a while and he could have it back later – besides if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Turns out he could speak English too (I am beginning to wonder is English is now the common language of gay sauna sex in Europe as it is the language of business). He grudgingly left while mumbling something about “inappropriate behavior”. I wanted to tell him the only inappropriate thing here was his non-existent ass. But like the YouTube legend Sweet brown would say “Ain’t nobody got time for that” – I had some business to attend to.

We went into the cabin and closed the door behind us for privacy. Apple bottom immediately took off his towel and laid it on the floor. He got on his knees in front of me and took off my towel and started sucking me off. The boy had skills. I was grateful I had some release earlier, if not I would have blown it right there and then in his mouth. It was a turn on to watch him in the mirror too as his head bobbed back and forth.

Apple Crumble

I could also see his bottom in the mirror. I reached down and grabbed it. It was even better in the flesh; it was firm and smooth. I looked up to the heavens and thanked God for what I was about to receive. This could only be one of the rewards for holding out for 40 days!

After about 5 minutes I unwillingly extricated myself from his mouth. I put on a condom and lubed up, while he lubed his ass up and sniffed some poppers. He offered me the poppers and I turned it down. He beckoned me to lie on my back on the floor while he straddled me.  He wanted to be in control. He got into position and gasped when I entered him. He stopped for a few seconds to get used to me inside him and then he started riding.  Slowly at first, then he picked up speed. It was like he was doing squats – which would only explain the firmness of his legs and his ass.  He was just as skillful doing this as he was with his mouth earlier, but he was noisy. But somehow, I was enjoying myself too much watching us in the mirror, to care.

Eventually, I think his legs got tired and we changed positions whilst I was still inside him, thanks to our respective body flexibility. He was now on his back and I on top of him. I pounded away, using Nelly’s song in my head as my rhythm. I alternated between long deep strokes and short shallow ones. He seemed to like the technique. I think he was also turned on my watching my ass going up and down in the mirror.

I could feel myself getting to the end of the song. So I stopped, while still inside him, moved back enough to swing his left over to the right, so that he is now on lying on his right side and I got into position lying on my right side behind him and we now facing the mirror.

He lifted his left leg up so that he could see me drilling away at his ass. He started wanking himself off and he got louder and louder as my strokes got deeper and faster. Then out of nowhere, he let out a loud yell, tensed up and shot a huge load over the floor, some hitting the mirror. I saw that as my cue and shot mine too, but it was inside him.

We lay their panting and catching our breath. I was covered in sweat. We wiped down with the towel and wiped the floor with some tissue.  Thanked each other and opened the door. Turns out, not only was no ass man outside waiting to get back into the cabin, but also we seemed to have attracted a crowd with the noise. They just stood there with a mixture of awe and bewilderment on their faces.  I made my way through the crowd and headed downstairs to the showers.

I then got dressed and left the sauna. It was dark outside and I was famished. Sex does that to me. I had something to eat, went back to my apartment, tired and went to bed.

I think next Lent I will try Rome…………

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