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Sex In The Gym Sauna

A week ago after my work out session, I went into the sauna. I was alone with my thoughts; towel round my waist minding my own business, when some guy came in, sat down opposite me, opened his towel and started playing with himself. He was looking at me while doing this so I could only assume that the subsequent growth of the hideous appendage between his legs was directed at me.

I say hideous because this particular one was about 6 inches and thin.  At least 2 of the 6 inches were unnecessary foreskin. The kind that has to be pulled back to reveal an erect cock.  While that may get some people excited, it does the complete opposite for me.  This thing looked like a one-eyed golum.

The guy himself was white, mid to late 30s, about 5’10” tall, between 70-75kg of average build, with a slight belly on him. He was gradually turning red, either from the heat or some misguided sense of excitement. He also had a gold wedding band on his wedding finger.  I could tell he was one of those guys that spent little or no time on the gym floor and more time in the showers and sauna area perving around.   If I was on drugs, drunk and horny all at the same time, I may have found him remotely attractive.  But being that I neither drink nor take drugs, there was no chance in hell I would entertain his advances. Still there was a desire in me that I felt like satisfying there and then.

I looked him straight in the eye, nodded my head slightly at his dick, winked, licked my lips and smiled. He leaned forward in anticipation.  Then I told him the story about an acquaintance of mine, Necro Tom, who would play with himself in a not too dissimilar situation and would get some action in the gym sauna.  One time Necro Tom and another guy started wanking each other off and as they were about to climax, someone entered the sauna and startled them.  Necro Tom burnt his bum on the hot stones that heat up the sauna, while trying to disengage.

What seemed like a superficial wound got infected and Necro Tom went into hospital to get it seen to. He was initially admitted for a few days, but he caught a bug. No ordinary bug at that; but one of those super duper flesh eating bugs, which cause Necrotizing fasciitis. (Hence the name “Necro Tom”). You see, the hospital was undergoing some cost saving measures and only basic antiseptic was in use. This was not an adequate line of defence for the super duper bug. The bug was also resistant to the basic antibiotics he was being treated with.

By the time the young doctors could do their research (via google) and find the right combination of antibiotics to stop the onslaught, the bug had eaten the flesh around his wound on his bum, then started on the rest of his arse, spreading up to his lower back, down to his upper hamstrings and between his legs taking small chunk of his scrotal sac.

It wasn’t a nice sight. Now Necro Tom is disfigured and does not expose himself in public anymore. He doesn’t even go into the sauna for some real heat; he has had to give up his favourite pastime of sauna wanking. He finds it difficult to get intimate with anyone. And when he does, he does it in the dark – All this because he was playing with himself in the gym sauna.

By the end of my story, one-eyed golum had retreated into its cave and its keeper wrapped his towel around his waist and bolted from the sauna. This satisfied my desire not to be perved at and be left alone in peace in the sauna

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