Unexpected Body Validation

I just finished my workout at the gym. It was a good workout. But I am extra-ordinarily elated today. Not the usual elation I get from a good work out session, but a sort of “pat on the back you have done well” sort of buzz.  

I got this extra buzz not from the cute Personal Trainer, Adriano, whom I have lusted after for years. He is a “PT to the stars” (Ok so it was just one TV star he had as a client over 8 years ago and the star has not done anything on TV in like forever). Adriano used to be the face and body of a well-known protein powder brand. I lusted after him then and still did after he gained weight, lost the six-pack and was dropped from the ad campaign. My lust still stands firm now as he loses the weight and is trying to get his old form back. Today he tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hi” and asked how I was doing. That wasn’t the source of the extra-ordinary buzz, today.

It did not come from the acknowledgement I got from the hot middle eastern guy with the amazing body who can’t stop looking at himself in the mirror (to be honest, who can really?) on the gym floor or the changing room. He nodded at me today and smiled and asked how I was getting on. That wasn’t the source of the extra-ordinary buzz, today.

It did not come from the relatively successful porn star/escort (and how do you measure success in the porn/escort industry?!?) that I saw in the changing room checking me out.  I have come to the sad conclusion that photoshop or whatever software is used to clean pictures and films has a lot to answer for. In his commercial pictures he has smooth skin and a wrinkle free face; in the changing room he had scaly skin, dandruff hair and crows feet around his eyes. Definitely if I paid for sex, I would have sent him home if he turned up at my door. So I did not get the buzz from the tired looking porn star.

Neither did I get it from his boyfriend, TQ, who was standing behind him giving me the eye and drooling. He is also in the porn/escorting industry and they duo together sometmes. He looks closer to his photo shopped pictures than his boyfriend. Yesterday he was without the crow in the changing room and he beckoned me into the toilet cubicles for a bit of hanky panky. He went in, but I left him hanging. I don’t do toilets!!! I have subsequently found out that this is his Modus Operandi and he is known for asking guys to come into the toilet cubicles. Hence the initials TQ – Toilet Queen.  No one has admitted going in to join him, yet. No I did not get my buzz from him either.


Rather I got the buzz from a woman on the gym floor.  If she was young I would say she was about 60.  Had white hair and bad teeth.  She was doing what looked like Tai chi at one of the exercise stations. She stopped me as I walked past her and said ‘I like the way you work out. Most men come in here and just focus on their upper body and neglect their legs.  But with you its evident that you work out all areas and it looks good. Keep it up”


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