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More Sex in the Gym Sauna

I had a very stressful day at work with a very difficult client and at the end of the day I came to the gym to workout the frustration and reduce stress levels. After my workout I went into the sauna with the intention of relaxing the tense muscles and hopefully melt away the stress.

So there I was alone in the sauna minding my own business, trying to get my zenitude (calmness) back , when a man came in and sat down on the bench opposite me. He was white, about 6’2” tall, slim build, brown hair with a slight belly. He was not particularly good looking and he had a long face. Grindr age 35, but looked like was in his early 50s.

I nodded my head in greeting to acknowledge him, which is the polite thing to do. He adjusted his towel so that he could widen his legs and show his dick. What he missed out in the looks department he made up for in dick size, that I would give him. He was well endowed.

His dick was thick and about 11 inches long even in its non- erect state. Flopped between his slim thighs it look like a third leg that stopped growing. It was uncut and had extra folds of wrinkly foreskin over the tip. On the whole his dick looked like it had the girth of a penis snake but with the head of a penis fish only with wrinkly tip. Ugh!!!


The tip....
The tip….

To show my disinterest and to get back to achieving my zenitude, I shut my eyes to avoid making eye contact with him and the thing between his legs, but then he started breathing heavily and making gurgling sound. I opened my eyes only to be assaulted by the sight of his now erect penis. It wasn’t any fatter or longer than it was in its resting state, but the wrinkly foreskin was now drawn back and red tip of his penis that looked like a large mushroom was now exposed. His towel was now fully open and he was stroking his huge dick slowly from the base to the tip.

photo 2.PNG
Stroking the snake….

Impressive I must say, but I was neither amused nor aroused by his performance. I came in the sauna to relax and I had other things on my mind. I guess, I had 99 problems and a dick wasn’t one. (Sorry Jay-zed).

I moved my gaze from his dick up to his face and he was smiling at me and licking his lips in what he probably thought was sexy “come and get it” look. To me he looked like road kill with the tongue sticking out of its mouth.

Then the right side of his face started to fall, the gurgling sounds became louder and his eyes began closing, like he was going into some sort of trance. I remember seeing an NHS TV advert about recognising the early signs of someone having a stroke and a lop-sided face was one of the signs.

I am not sure what came over me, whether it was the irritation that despite showing signs of not being interested in his unsolicited advances, he still went ahead and wanked in front of me; or I thought he was having a real stroke (No pun intended). But the next ill-judged action that I took will stay with me for a good while to come.

There was an alarm in the sauna for emergencies in case someone experienced difficulties with the heat. I pressed the button and it alerted the reception desk.

The right side of his face fell some more as he continued to stroke his massive dick faster and twisting his hand when he got to the tip. He also started arching his hips forward with the upward stroke, like some invisible force from above was pulling him from the hips. That is when it occurred to me that the face he was making was his “Fuck, I am cumming” face.

Oh shit. I had pressed the alarm and I couldn’t cancel it.

A few strokes later penis snake started gushing thick white fluid from its tip. The gushing seemed endless as the man bucked his hips even harder. Looked like snake man was back up a few days. His hand and thighs were covered semen and he just about stopped bucking when the door opened and the male receptionist came in.

He looked at the man, let out a gasp and covered his mouth with his hand in shock. He looked at me quizzically. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Sorry, it looked like he was having a stroke so I pressed the alarm”.

I got up and sheepishly left the sauna for the receptionist and penis snake to sort themselves out.

Remarkably, I was more relaxed after that….I guess I found my zenitude.




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