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Sobriety Badge

I got an e-mail from Adam4adam –the gay hook up website- regarding my profile. It would appear I haven’t logged on for 90 days and as a result my profile may be deleted.

90 days Sobriety

The e-mail then went on to advertise them as the “Number 1 gay dating website” and that they won some award in 2012 and have over 140,000 members. So basically if I don’t log back on I am fucked!!

Looking past their delusion, I have embraced the fact that I have gone without the website for 90 days – and still counting. It felt like receiving a 90-day sobriety badge from Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous.

90 days without trawling through profiles trying to decipher which one is real or not.

90 days without reading messages from guys the complete opposite of my stated preferences, asking me “What are you looking for?” – As if my preferences will change on reading their message.

90 days without spending hours and sometimes days, chatting with a promising hook up and come the appointed hour the idiot doesn’t turn up.

90 days without being told it is ok to have bareback sex with HIV+ guy with an “undetectable” viral count.

It is not only A4A. I also have not logged onto Grindr, Manhunt and Gayromeo, since new years’ day when I made the resolution. I also received a similar e-mail from Gayromeo. They told me in no uncertain terms,that my profile had been deleted for lack of activity.

Is my dick bovvered? No?

It is not that I haven’t had sex in last 90 days. Au contraire mon ami. There are still a few regulars from last year I meet up with and the odd new recruits from the gym, the underground and just walking innocently along the street.

90 days and still counting…

However, it is likely that I may fall off the wagon and create a profile again soon. I am going for a short city break in Europe in a few weeks and I have not yet decided whether to create a profile to arrange hook ups before I get to my destination. Experience has shown me, that this could also lead to more disappointment, because everyone has a picture enhancing software or app.

Besides I think I have spent enough time over the years travelling and admiring the interior decor of guys apartments and bedrooms rather than enjoying the sights, history and architecture of my travel destination.

We will see….



Come To Daddy....
Come To Daddy….

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