My Circuit Festival Barcelona 2015

Place: Barcelona, Spain

Date: Aug 5 – Aug 16

Weather : Better than in the UK and that is all that matters.

Event: Circuit festival Barcelona, organised by the Matinee group. Each August, Spain’s second city hosts Europe’s largest gay festival, attracting 71,000 visitors this year. The city is taken over by non-stop clubbing and pool parties and a lot of posing on the beach.

The Crowd: Gay, Lesbians, everything in-between and their admirers. All ages, shapes and sizes and mostly down for whatever.

Me: I didn’t work my butt off in the gym and diet for 3 months prior, to get beach ready. I didn’t pack a suitcase full of tank tops, shorts, swim trunks, condoms and lube. My intention on this trip was not to have sex, but to observe, take notes and report back. (If you believe that, please stop reading now!!!)Read More »

The Joys of Sober sex

Party and Play  (PnP) is a phenomenon of recreational drug users having sex with each other or a group. It can also be referred to as Chemsex.  In previous posts I have blamed Chemsex for inhibiting any decent online hook ups for me, as I have a zero – tolerance attitude to drugs.

A bit has been said recently in mainstream media about the increase of Chemsex within the London gay community. It has also been reported that there is a direct link to the increase of new HIV infections in the capital – 21% increase in 2013 over 2012 and this is a higher increase than the rest of the UK.

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Sex, Drugs & Going Topless in London

Why do people text and walk at the same time on a busy road? (I should know this one, I do it all the time)

Why does my bank allow their counter staff go on lunch break between 12pm – 2pm, when it is the peak time for customer visits?

In Starbucks, why do they ask for my name and write it down on the cup when taking my order, but never call my name out when my order is ready. Instead they call out the name of the drink?

In a long queue in a cake shop, why oh why, do people never know what they want until they get to the till and then when it comes to paying they start fumbling around for the cash?

Why don’t smokers have cigarette lighters?

Why is there a scarcity of tops in London? Read More »