Sex, Drugs & Going Topless in London

Why do people text and walk at the same time on a busy road? (I should know this one, I do it all the time)

Why does my bank allow their counter staff go on lunch break between 12pm – 2pm, when it is the peak time for customer visits?

In Starbucks, why do they ask for my name and write it down on the cup when taking my order, but never call my name out when my order is ready. Instead they call out the name of the drink?

In a long queue in a cake shop, why oh why, do people never know what they want until they get to the till and then when it comes to paying they start fumbling around for the cash?

Why don’t smokers have cigarette lighters?

Why is there a scarcity of tops in London? Read More »


I really do not consider myself  “muscled”. My weight and body definition varies depending on the amount of cakes I have consumed the previous week.  I go the gym a fair amount and from past posts, you would have perceived that I like me some muscle in bed.

Yes, I love muscled guys. I like their rippled abs, bulging pecs, their strong muscular thighs encircling my waist when in the missionary position and the view of their wide sinewy backs tapering into a slim waist, while slamming their muscled bubble butts when I take it home doggy style………Hmmmm.Read More »