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I really do not consider myself  “muscled”. My weight and body definition varies depending on the amount of cakes I have consumed the previous week.  I go the gym a fair amount and from past posts, you would have perceived that I like me some muscle in bed.

Yes, I love muscled guys. I like their rippled abs, bulging pecs, their strong muscular thighs encircling my waist when in the missionary position and the view of their wide sinewy backs tapering into a slim waist, while slamming their muscled bubble butts when I take it home doggy style………Hmmmm.

That is why I get really miffed and go all militant, when I read articles about how images of muscled gay men, put pressure on other gay men to look the same way.  Some say that these images are a negative influence on gay men coming to terms with their sexuality, because it gives the impression that to be desirable, being muscular; with chiselled abs and defined/bulging pecs are compulsory.

There are other gay body images out there that do not get bad press.  Going by the body classifications in the main gay hook up sites, we have slim, muscled, average, athletic, stocky and bear to name a few. And even within those there are more sub-groups.  You could say there are over fifty shapes of gay.

Some of the Fifty Shapes of Gay

But why are muscled gay men singled out as the bad ones? There is no shortage of articles by journalists, psychologists and bloggers (probably of average build and with a past history of failure trying to achieve the muscled look and/or snagging a muscled guy) implying that muscled guys give the gay community a bad name because, they make the entire community appear vacuous and vain.  It is repeatedly pointed out that beneath the well-exercised body is a lot of anguish, pain of rejection and untold insecurity.

Pain and rejection with a dash of insecurity

Other groups such as “bears” have as much exposure in the media and gay events as muscled gay men, but no article or survey has highlighted the possible psychological trauma that triggers the desire to consume vast amounts of artery clogging food, to achieve the bear look.


Lets not forget the health risks as well: heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease and yet this is not considered as having any negative influence on gay men.

Picture of Robust Health

And miraculously in these “surveys” no one has admitted to be pressured into achieving the bear look. But once an image of a muscled guy appears, everyone drops their super-sized quarter-pounder with fries and large soft drink (diet to counter the burger and chips) and start hitting the keyboards with their greasy finger and it is muscle-bashing time.

Sometimes I wonder if fast food companies fund these writers and the research on the negative impact of the muscled body type on gay men. Or is it a sad case of sour grapes for the writers?

Being gay is not a choice; but the way we look – within limits of genetic disposition of course – is a choice.  I have not heard of any gay man being frog marched into the gym to build muscle; or being forced to eat junk food to achieve the bear look.  It is a life style choice.

Life style Choice – This one, or…….
……or this one….Choice is yours

I am not sure any of the guys in the muscled images, woke up one morning and decided they would be the beacons for all other gay men to follow. No, it’s the way commercial gay community has portrayed them.  And again we have a choice to buy into it or not. No pressure.  We don’t all have to wear tight tops and we don’t all have to wear baggy tops either.

And I wonder which one of the writers would pass up an opportunity for a shag with a muscled guy, if it presented itself?

Opportunity Shag

And another thing, because they are more discerning about their fuck buddies, muscled gay men probably have less sex than the other body types. So cut them some slack.

Maybe we should spend more time thinking and writing about how we can reduce the increase of HIV infection among the impressionable young gay community.  For example we can speak up against the increase in bareback gay porn on the Internet and in porn shops.  Or why most gay saunas don’t provide enough condoms and lube? How is that for negative influence on the gay community?

For the record, I have nothing against bears. There are some muscled Bears I Like to Fuck – BILFs.   Infact I am attending to a muscled cub right now. He is propped up waiting for me.  Just hope his polar bear doesn’t catch us.

BILF – Waiting Cub

4 thoughts on “MUSCLE BASHING

    1. Muscled dudes, for me yes, stocky dudes , i say yes too, am not attracted to plus size dudes. We all have to be health conscious as human beings. Every man i see these days is trying to look good regardless of their sexuality.

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