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Sex In Torremolinos

It was the week before the unfortunate Brexit vote. I thought I’d visit mainland Europe, just in case the UK did the stupid thing and shot themselves in the foot. Alas they did. (Shit! I need to get to Mexico before November 28th).

So I took a five-day break in Torremolinos in Andalucía, Spain. I had visited the region around the same time last year, but stayed about a 15 minute drive away in Malaga. Much of the five days were spent at Eden Club, which was on the gay part of the beach. Depending on the day of the week, it teemed with lots of good looking guys and to balance things out some not so good looking ones.

Weekends were usually busier than weekdays. It was on the Saturday during my stay, that I noticed three friends, lounging under a beach umbrella, a few spots from mine. They all looked between 23 and 25 years old. Two for them were quite hot. One stood at about 6’1”, with a 30 inch waist, brown hair, with an athletic build, smooth sun kissed skin and a nice pert arse covered by a pair of blue swimming trunks, which did not try to hide his generous package.



The other cute one was of a similar height and waist size but more muscular than the first one, with grey eyes and his arms were covered with tattoos.

The third one… well you have to balance things out……

From the way the other two were carrying on, they looked like an item. I watched their dynamic and thought they made a handsome loving couple, but the tattooed one seemed to get more attention both from his boyfriend and the other guys on the beach.



Later on that night I saw them at the night club, they came with a group of friends. And just like on the beach, Tattoo got all the attention but he did not come across as being conceited about it. Whenever guys flirted with him or what not, he made sure they knew he was with his boyfriend, by either pulling him closer to his side and/or planting a kiss on him and his boyfriend always responded tenderly. Sweet.


Next day on the beach, they were both there again, not too far from me and the same dynamic with the same attention on Tattoo and he making sure his boyfriend didn’t feel left out.


I left the beach as the sun began to set and went back to my hotel room. I had a shower and headed out to get some dinner. About half way through dinner I got a message on Grindr. I checked the profile and it had no picture and had no written details on it. It felt like it had just been created.

I checked the message and it consisted of a simple “Ola” and a couple of pictures – Pictures of Tattoo’s bf.


I was surprised. Pleasantly of course, but surprised nonetheless. I could have sworn he was loved up and had eyes for no one else. I didn’t think I caught his eye on the beach or at the club. Maybe I was too focused on Tattoo to notice.

Still I couldn’t help the feeling of Deja vu. I had a similar experience same time last year, in the same place, when arguably the hottest guy on the beach contacted me on Grindr after breaking away from his group of friends (Click here). Is this how hot guys roll in Andalucía?  But then again, I was probably getting ahead of myself – Maybe he wanted to ask me where I got my swimming trunks from.

He asked if I was the guy on the beach and I responded in the affirmative and sent him my pictures. He introduced himself as Adriano, he wanted to hook up and wanted to know when I was free that evening


I enquired if it was him and Tattoo who wanted to hook up (I wouldn’t have minded) and he said no, it was just him. (Awww…)

So we agreed to meet in my room in an hour. Thirty minutes later he messaged to see if I was in my room yet? I replied not yet, but I was still on track to meet him at the agreed hour.

There was a sense of urgency in his messages; like he was constrained by time or he had to be home before a certain person came back?

Fifteen minutes later I was in my room and ready. I messaged him to say I was ready.

Five minutes later there was a knock on the door (That was quick). I looked through the door peephole and it was him.

I let him in and before I could shut the door, he was by the bed taking his clothes off.

Adriano was on a mission.

It was also clear to me that, he was in no mood to be offered a drink or have the perfunctory chit-chat that is customary with hook ups.

He was now completely naked. I took in his lean athletic frame and the tan line demarcating his pelvic area from the rest of his smooth sun kissed body. He was excited as well and his dick stood at an impressive 8 inches, with a slight bend to his right.

I also took off my clothes and my excitement was beginning to show, but not well enough for him. He got on his knees and helped it along by engulfing my dick in his warm wet mouth.


Working his tongue around the tip a few times and half way along the shaft got me to full attention and I was now fully engorged. He then processed to take it all in, so that the tip of my dick hit the back of his throat.

Next he gently but firmly, guided me onto the bed and he came up alongside me and continued giving me head. This time though he let the tip of my dick rest at the back of his throat and made a muted gargling sound. This sent vibrations through the length of my dick. It was sensational.

He did this a few times before reaching for the pack of condoms and lube I had placed on the bedside table. He handed me a condom and proceeded to apply lube to his arsehole. When he was done, he applied some lube on my now sheathed dick.


Standing on the bed, feet now astride me and him facing me, he lowered himself to get down on his haunches,grabbed my dick and positioned the tip so that it grazed his arsehole. But it wasn’t a gradual descent. Like I said, I felt he was in a hurry and as a result he might have overestimated the ability of his arsehole to accommodate my dick in one move. It was a hard landing and he gasped and grimaced. I felt his pain.

But to his credit and as a testament to his determination to complete his mission he stayed on. He knelt astride me for about a minute to get used to my dick and then he started a slow grinding circular motion with his hips.

Then he changed tempo while sliding up and down the length of my shaft. All the while, each time I tried to play with his pre-cum leaking dick, he guided my hand away. I had to settle with playing with his nipples, which he seemed to like. Intermittently, I would reach down and slap his arse, which he  seemed to like more than the nipple play.


His legs now tired, we changed position. He lay on his back; his arse just off the edge of the bed, his lean muscular legs in the air and wide apart, so that I could enter him while standing.

I held his legs in place and used them for support, while drilling him. They were slow measured thrusts at first, but then increased with intensity and force with each stroke. Each stroke was met with a moan, which grew increasing louder as the pounding went on.

He appeared to be enjoying himself a little too much because his face transformed from a picture of  bliss to one of bewilderment, as his body stiffened and he yelled “No, no, no” and tried to stop me mid-thrust. He didn’t want to cum just yet. It was too late. I looked down at his dick just as it started frothing out white thick liquid. The first wad splashing on his chest; the subsequent ones falling on his firm stomach. What was exciting for me was that he was not holding his dick when he came. And he was just as surprised as I was amazed at seeing that.

I was nowhere near reaching climax and his arse could not continue taking anymore pounding, so I withdrew.

He hastily got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. I was still nursing a hard dick. He came out of the bathroom and told me while putting on his clothes, that he had a long two-hour drive back to Granada where he was student at the University, that night.

I asked if he was travelling with Tattoo. He said Tattoo was already heading to another region of Spain where he was also a student at the local University.

I smiled inwardly and wondered whether Tattoo also made a detour on his way…

We said our good-byes and he left.

Then I had another feeling of De javu

I didn’t cum last year either……🚶🏿🚶🏿



13 thoughts on “Sex In Torremolinos

  1. Keredim you do well, you here? You no get one single respect for the institution and ideals of being in a relationship. Common to say “no sir, your boyfriend won’t approve or would be hurt by this”, you no do, you just carry your prick put inside the boy and encouraged cheating.

    Lol @ 30 inch waist. How you take know from ordinary glance?

    All them pix you got going with this piece looks like freshly baked bread. I am so craving bread after this read. I think I’m just going to have me some bread for breakfast.

    Keredim is a bloody thirsty hoe

      1. As an elder state man, YOUR OWN is to provide guidance to a stray 30 in waist. And by guidance, I no mean the kid way u give am.

        1. Siddon dia dey talk how life suppose be in your head. Shebi next year you sef go become elder statesman.When e reach your own turn, make you give “guidance”..

  2. Hmmmm, so he came and waka’d and left you to sort ya sef out? Mscheew! Why not just wank and get it over with in minutes. lol

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