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Crap I Get On Grindr – XIII – Lagos Edition

Got into Lagos last week, switched on Scruff and a warning popped up.


Warning unheeded and most days bored while stuck in traffic in sweltering heat in an Uber/Taxify taxi with air conditioning blowing hot air, I browsed Grindr (which by the way doesn’t have a similar warning) and picked up a life few lessons along the way.

  1. Be au fait with the slang or miss out on a promising shag






2) Be ready to negotiate – Brushing up on “The Art of the Deal”, might be useful


3) I could retire here and be a Daddy –  I just have to figure out the slang


4) The hustle is real


5) Like global warming the aversion to reading profiles is a global issue 



6 thoughts on “Crap I Get On Grindr – XIII – Lagos Edition

  1. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 @ what’s the going rate. Looks like every every happens on that Grindr now. It’s a markate. 🤭🤭

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