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Whose Child Is This?


Any form of sexual harassment is inappropriate between adults of consenting age and more so if the victim is underage.

Yes what a 26 year old Kevin Spacey did to a 14 year Old Anthony Rapp, 30 years ago was improper under any circumstance.

Since Mr. Rapp’s (now 46)  story broke yesterday, Mr. Spacey (58) has issued a statement in which he stated that he was “beyond horrified” by the allegation.  He has drawn the ire of many Social media commentators (basically anyone who has access to a keyboard)  because in the statement, he effectively blamed his actions on alcohol and for good measure he took the opportunity to come out as a gay man.

Many people have said, he has used his coming out to deflect from the issue molesting an underage person. A tactic he borrowed from his fictional character President Frank Underwood,in House of Cards. While I see where they are coming from, I do not necessarily entirely agree with that conjecture.

Firstly, It’s been an open secret for years that Spacey is gay. There was an unfortunate incident many years ago during his residency at the Old Vic theatre in London where he was the artistic director (2003-2015), when it was reported that he was attacked while walking his dog around 3am,in a park well known for night time gay cruising. Maybe he was researching  a forthcoming role – Go figure.

Secondly, these days when actors in the West where homosexuality is accepted come out, it does not have the same “wow-factor” as it did 20 years ago. So if it was his intention to use coming out as a softening the sexual advances on a minor blow, it is as limp as a dick on a guy high on GHB at a chemsex party.

I have also read comments that this scandal strengthens the assertion by homophobes , especially those from my Village, that homosexuals are pedophiles by default. Also they will say this one incident was pivotal to Rapp, turning gay. For the next foreseeable future I think one would need the communication skills and tenacity of Sean Spicer to refute these assertions and many more on social media forums. The battle will be fierce.

I am not defending or condoning what Kevin Spacey did. At best it was reprehensible and at worst lewd. However I feel I should  ask a few (probably unpopular) questions  and I am by no means taking away from Anthony Rapp’s terrible ordeal, but –

Where were his parents?

Who lets a 14 year old child go to a Nightclub?

Who lets a 14 year old child into a Nightclub?

Was no one chaperoning the Anthony Rapp that night? Had he no curfew?

From the story so far, what happened that night was entirely Kevin Spacey’s doing and I wholeheartedly agree, but it could have been prevented.

It wasn’t right what happened to Anthony Rapp and he would be forgiven for sending some Klingons to sort Kevin Spacey out, but he shouldn’t have been in that situation unchaperoned even at the best of times.

Perhaps underage kids being allowed to go clubbing , people not raising an eyebrow and chalking it down to just having fun, is the norm in the Hollywood.

But this is a sad consequence of such nonchalance.






13 thoughts on “Whose Child Is This?

  1. I think I read somewhere he’s sort of glad his mother isn’t alive to be scrutinized for poor parenting.

    I don’t blame the likes of Cindy Crawford that have chosen to manage the career of their kids in shark infested waters

  2. The party was at Spacey’s apartment not a night club. As much as I do not intend to make light of the trauma that Rapp might have been exposed to, why is he just talking about it now? Why does he want to destroy the man over a miStake he made years ago as a drunk youth? Is it impossible that Mr Spacey has truly forgotten about it. All these sexual harassment matters are harrowing jare.

    1. Please read the link at the beginning of the post. They went to a nightclub, then the party moved on to Spacey’s apartment.
      Regarding your question, he says he was moved by the women coming out about Harvey Weinstein’s harassment. He says he stands “on their shoulders”

    2. Why is he coming forward with this accusation now? Simple, to be back into the fucking spotlight! It’s what washed up has been actors like Rapp do!

      1. I don’t see how this spotlight works for him as it’s not as if openly gay actors are the toast of Hollywood.

        Besides the successful ones aren’t willing to do the dragging so as to keep the jobs, dollars, awards and other perks of looking the other way or staying quiet…… until someone does the dragging for them and they tag along.

        1. Rapp, until now or Star Trek or some movie he did that I have removed from my Watchlist, was not recognized at all. Gay or not gay, I just believe this is foul!

          1. Hmm, this statement of yours rubs off on me the wrong way. It’s not appropriate to just dismiss someone’s allegation of assault (rape) as just foul. Personal trauma is indeed true and should not be taking lightly. I indeed commend him for speaking out, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Spacey turns out to be a serial molester. AND age is of absolutely no excuse, I am 27 years and I am totally accountable for my life and every action I make. Mr. Spacey shouldn’t be any different at 26.
            I do not agree with your sympathies for Spacey if indeed this is true.

  3. Your questions are valid. Very valid. But the major reason they’re unpopular is that they lend fuel to the fires of victim shaming, like Mr. Inkdnaija up there hopping on your sentiments to question Anthony Rapp’s motives, even though it’s never been the case that a scandal involving a gay actor ever did the actor any favors in Hollywood. Mr. Inkdnaija isn’t wondering if perhaps Kevin Spacey has an unspoken history of molestation, underage or not. He’s not wondering about how many other young actors Spacey may or may not have sexually influenced.
    No. Instead he’s wondering at the victim’s motives and calling his decision to speak up foul.
    It is because of opinions like his that questions like yours are very unpopular. Because they shift the focus from the crime to the victim and all the ways he might be to blame for his pain.

    1. Thanks, but i feel Inkdnaija, would have his opinions regardless of the questions I asked. My questions, were by no stretch of the imagination aimed at encouraging victim shaming. I made that clear in the post.
      I just think these are questions that should be asked alongside the justifiable vilification of Kevin Spacey.
      The reaction can be holistic without encouraging victim shaming.

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