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London Gay Pride 2015

London Gay Pride Parade was held yesterday and central london was splashed with rainbow colours. The theme this year is Pride Heroes and Londoners turned out in their droves, despite the heightened security alert following terrorist attack on British holidaymakers in Tunisia.

There was plenty for everyone – Human rights, Politicians, Gay marriage, Gay prosecution, Asylum, Welfare, Drag queens, S&M and plenty of eye candy.

Here are a few pictures:




I see you baby…….
Hmmmm Men In Uniform….
Queen Mary……



8 thoughts on “London Gay Pride 2015

  1. Keredim, your articles are just one of the I always look forward to. You say it like no other and I love the way you give us deep insights about your bedroom happenings. Do make your articles more regular please.
    You’ve got a hot body by the way 😀

    1. Why thank you Xavier, very kind of you (on both counts😉). I will try and blog more frequently, other work commitments permitting.

  2. Hmmm!!Men in uniforms!!!!Please bro,don’t even think about organising such in Nigeria if u value ur life and do keep up the good work.Cheers.

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