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My Transition From Top to Bottom Position

A friend of mine commented that all I tend to share are shag stories about me being the top and never the bottom. A fair comment which I have sought to address a few times. Like most tops out there, I am versatile when I am in a relationship. (Yes I have been in relationships!!). It is during these relationships that I have learned not only how to bottom but also how to give bottoms pleasure and by so doing be a good top.



Sadly, my ass is high maintenance and accustomed to certain ways. It is not built for quick online hook ups. To get into the mood, it requires cajoling by way of extended periods of pleasurable rimming and finger action to ease open the gates and pave the way bigger things. (A bit like John The Baptist paving the way for Jesus Christ). And when the bigger thing comes, entry has to be slow and every inch considered. Once the entry is complete and the tool fully accommodated then play can begin. The play level can range from mild to wild depending of how durable the tool is. Getting to the play phase takes time and requires a lot of patience and in the world of quick online hook ups, Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

So sessions when I bottom on hook ups are as rare as finding a Nigerian cabinet minister who has amassed untold wealth solely by using his/her salary. But I took my friend’s comment as a challenge and decided to take it on. I also thought I needed a refresher on how to bottom, so that I can be an even better top.

A few days before a recent business trip to Houston Texas last month, I set my online profiles to appear in Houston and exchanged messages with a few hot guys. I arranged to meet one them Shane, in my hotel one evening.

Before the meeting on the appointed evening, I showered and prepared myself for getting fucked later. If I expect bottom guys to have clean asses I should be the same when roles are reversed.  So I made sure my tunnel was clean!!

According to his profile stats, Shane was black, 6’ 2″, muscular, 35 years old, weighed 95kg and a TOP with an 8 inch cut dick.  According to his profile pics, he was light skinned, handsome, bald headed, muscular arms and legs, six- pack and a nice juicy thick cock. I met Shane in the bar in the lobby and his profile stats and pics checked out. (Except for the six-pack, which I would see later. From the way his crotch wore his tight jeans, I was sure his profile dick size would check out too)

We ordered drinks and chatted for about 15 mins and decided we were both whom we had been chatting to online the last few days and went up to my room.

We got busy immediately. We started kissing as soon as we got into my room. Clothes came off and his six-pack matched the profile pic and his dick was as expected – 8 inches cut, thick straight and hard. I got on my knees and gave it a good seeing to. I cupped a feel of his muscular buttocks as he held my head and gently thrust his dick into my mouth. I gently spread his ass cheeks and fingered around his asshole. He seemed to enjoy it as he thrust harder into my mouth. I had to stop myself, as I didn’t want him to think I wanted to flip him as he was meant to be the top.

Houston 3

As if he read my mind, he pulled out of my mouth, guided me on my feet and towards the bed. He made me sit on the edge of the bed as he knelt on the floor and expertly sucked me off. He then pushed me back and lifted my legs so that he had access to rim me.

Houston 2


Then his tongue engaged. The man had skills.


According to our online conversations he said he was going to do wonderful things to my ass. He was “gonna turn it out” every which way and would make it quiver and beg for more and this would be before he gets to the play stage. This definitely checked out as well.

He used the tip of his tongue to slowly trace out the alphabet around the asshole. After every 5th or 6th alphabet he would drive his tongue into my ass and suck on it and pull out again, then he would continue the alphabet. Awesome!!


I think after doing the alphabet, he started to spell out words, sentences, and paragraphs… I couldn’t take a full chapter…. I was floating, my mind was free. It was En Vogue who sang, “Free your mind and your ass will follow” (Or something along those lines). Yes my ass was free. It was ready to be invaded.


I handed him a condom, which he put on his now throbbing dick. I lubed myself up very well. (Can’t have enough lube up there) and even though he lubed his dick up, I added some more on his dick just to make sure.


I made him lie on his back while I straddled him. I knew the initial entry would hurt and I had to control the insertion, so as to reduce the pain. This is an option I always give the guys I top. Few take it, most just get on all fours or lie on their back and want to be rammed like a soldier returning from battle. Me, I don’t like pain.


My legs on either side of his torso and in a kneeling position, I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. Like a spacecraft docking on the International Space station, I gently lowered myself onto his dick, while anticipating the contact with the top of this cock and the pain that would follow.


Gently, ever so gently,I lowered myself until I felt my bum touch his thighs. I was now sitting on him. Wow, no pain!! Had I really wanted this so much, that I blanked out the pain? Is this truly mind over matter. I suppose where there is a will(y) there is a way.


Still I didn’t feel anything inside me. Had I missed connecting with the dick completely?!? How could I? I opened my eyes to see Shane smiling sheepishly at me? Oh God  he must be laughing at my clumsiness.


I lifted myself up slightly and reached down to hold his dick to guide it inside me properly in order to attempt a successful re-entry. No hard dick to be found. It was resting flaccid between his spread muscular thighs? I looked at him again. So that sheepish smile wasn’t meant for me……


Me: What happened? Let me try and get you hard again. You not up to it any more?

Shane: I am. Just that I am a bottom. Sorry I misled you. Just that my ex complained that I never topped him and I am trying to prove that can be a top too. But I saw your dick and I so want you to fuck me.

Houston, we have a problem!


Well with an ass like his, that it would rude not to oblige.

Houston 1


As for me, I am still trying to enrol on a proper refresher course

5 thoughts on “My Transition From Top to Bottom Position

  1. Hahahahahahahaa!!! Oh this is quite the story. The one perfect Top who was supposed to bring all those Bottom cells of yours back to life decides the tutorial is moot. Lol. I’m sure you’ll get what you want soon. Hang in there. 🙂

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