More Tales From Cuba

Still on Mi Cayito beach lying on beach chair.  A local man strolls by.  Looked like a Jinetero, but I couldn’t really tell. He was not with the usual pack and he came from the direction of the straight part of the beach. He was about 5’10”, could be anywhere between 35-45years old, with smooth shiny black skin. He was shirtless. His upper body was covered with hard muscles. There wasn’t a gram of fat on him. He was wearing a loose pair of shorts and I could see the outline of his dick.

The whole beach could see the outline of his dick. It was on show. It looked long and thick even in its resting state. Maybe he was a straight Jinetero on the prowl for women. Maybe there were no female punters and now he was diversifying to survive. He wasn’t the handsomest on men, but with that body and dick, his face wouldn’t be the focus of attention.  He was carrying a plastic shopping bag, which made him look like beach bum. He was oozing raw animal sex. I will call him Raul.

Raul took his sweet time walking in front of the beach, which made it look like he was advertising for all to see. Well it worked. Our eyes met as he walked past my chair. When he had gone a good distance I told my travelling companion, I was going for a stroll to stretch my legs and explore the beach. I followed him. To the untrained eye, there was just enough distance between us to make it look like I wasn’t following him, but to the gay eye, I was stalking. He looked back a few times and saw I was behind him. He stopped and walked a bit further inland and stood by a tree.  I stopped and walked in the opposite direction into the sea and just waded in the water to cool off but facing beach so that I could watch him.  I guess I balked. What would I say to him if indeed he was on the game? Would I pay? Where would we go? What if he took me somewhere and robbed me? I had no cash on me. I created these obstacles in my mind. I guess its self-preservation. Or just good old unadulterated fear!

He stood by the tree for a while watching me. Perhaps thinking I would come up to him. A few meters further along to his left, there was a solitary figure of man sitting under a tree. He was reading a book.  He looked like a tourist.  Raul walked up to him (guess he figured I would not come out of the sea) and squatted beside him. They seemed to be talking. Then I saw Raul slip out his dick and the tourist reached out and massaged it. Someone strolled by and the tourist stopped. Raul slipped his dick back in. The person walked past, Raul slipped his dick out again and the tourist reached out and resumed massaging the Raul’s dick.

Then Raul said something to the tourist and gestured to the sand dunes behind them where they could get some privacy…. or so they thought. They gathered their stuff and went behind the dunes. I waited a few minutes and got out the water and followed in the general direction.  I found my way to the top of a dune and scanned the area. About 20 meters away in a valley between dunes I saw them.

I don’t think there was any foreplay and it there was any, it was brief. What I saw was the tourist on his back with his legs over Raul’s muscular shoulders. They were both naked. Raul was inside him slamming away. I could see his muscular ass moving up and down. It was a firm hard ass. After about two minutes they changed position. Without coming out of the tourist and in an incredible show of agility, Raul manoeuvred the tourist to get him on all fours so that they were now in the doggy position.  The tourist’s back was arched and his head jerked forward with every hard thrust behind him. He seemed to be enjoying it. This continued for another five minutes. Then Raul gave one last slam and stopped. He withdrew and to my utter amazement I noticed he was not wearing a condom!! He shot his load on the tourist’s back. I was in a state of shock. In this day and age?!? I know Raul oozed raw sex, but really? Hooking up with a stranger and having unprotected anal sex?

They got up and wiped themselves and put their shorts back on. The tourist handed Raul some money (ahh so he was a Jinetero). They made their way back to the beach. I followed a few minutes later and saw that the tourist had gone back to the tree and was reading a book, looking like he hadn’t just had a 10 inch fat dick up his ass. (Which begs the question, what does a person who just had a 10-inch dick up his ass meant to look like?)

Girrrllllll, I just had 10 inches up in there. Does it show?

I could see Raul walking off into the horizon with his shopping bag. Maybe he will bump into another tourist…………….

PS. I think Beats by Dr Dre over-ear headphones are cool fashionable street wear, but not as gym wear accessory

6 thoughts on “More Tales From Cuba

  1. what’s wrong with Beats at the gym? (sorry, I tend to only remember the end of a story.. lol)

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