Does size really matter?

Once I hooked up with a short guy who I met in the gym. He was about 4’11’’, had average looks. I caught him a few times looking at me in the mirror on the gym floor, but I did not really pay him much attention.  Maybe it was his height or maybe because I really couldn’t see much of his body in his baggy gym clothes or both, but he did not quite pique my interest.

But all that changed one day when I saw him undressed in the changing room.   His body was awesome.  He was muscular, nice six-pack, firm pecs and biceps all supported by firm strong legs.Body fat percentage was quite minimal. Everything was in proportion except his ass.  Like Mya’s song, “His ass was like…. Wo”. It was well rounded, firm and ample for his height. That instantly got my attention.  Lets just say my interest began to stir.  A friend once told me that the only way I could identify anyone in a Police line up, was if they turned around. (Yam head!!)

He went straight from my “Hell No” list to my “To do” list.  So the next time I caught him looking at me in the mirror I smiled at him.  I mean I had to encourage him, in case he was shy or I came across as intimidating – he was quite short.

We soon began chatting. His name was Scott and he was American. He was in his early 30s (had to be sure, don’t want to go to jail), and he worked in marketing. Though he was masculine, I had little doubt that he was gay. It was a case of whether he was top or bottom. But to be sure, I asked him how is weekend went and he said he went to Shadow lounge in Soho.  (Bingo! gayness established, position we would negotiate later)

After a few more days of small talk, we arranged to meet at my place one weekend.  He came over, I offered him a drink and we began our deliberations. I like deliberating to good music. Spinning music is a good one; it is a mixture of slow, mid and fast tempo music. The intensity and movement of the deliberations would be in tune with the track being played. You have the slow tempo to ease you in, to get the muscles warmed up. The pace increases with the mid tempo tracks and then you hit your stride by the time the fast tempo comes on. Then the music alternates between mid-tempo (to help regulate breathing) and fast tempo (increase the intensity of the (s)exercise and get the heart rate up). Spinning classes typically last 45mins. I have playlists created accordingly.

What Scott missed out on in the height department, he was more than adequately compensated with in dick size. The short guy was packing. I am sure he would make someone very happy, but it wasn’t for me. That was not my area of interest – his backside was. He also gave the impression that he did not use his dick a lot for that purpose.

He was an accommodating and eager participant. The guy could ride dick like his life depended on it! He got into every position willingly and easily no matter how physically demanding.  This might have been due to his size – he was quite flexible and portable.  At one point I was standing and I lifted him into position clear off the ground, so that he was body was perpendicular to mine. It looked like he was planking.   “Look Ma, no hands”.

Just short of one spinning music playlist later, loads were eventually discharged. We both lay on the bed panting, as you would after a spinning class.  He had a shower and got dressed.

As he got into his size XS size underwear, I couldn’t help wondering, here is an unassuming guy, fantastic body who may have been looked over for great shags because he is somewhat vertically challenged. So in that respect, I ask “Does size really matter?”

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