A Dangerous Liaison – Cont’d

I hurriedly got dressed while Paco went into the living room and yelled some more at Killa through the door intercom.  He was trying to buy some time; thinking how to get out of this situation. From what I gathered they have been arguing for weeks and now Killa turned up unexpectedly in London.  I would have loved to stay and help them sort things out, but somehow I didn’t think this was the right time and place to be Jeremy Kyle!

I was now dressed. Paco came back into the bedroom. The door buzzer was still going. He suggested I jump out the bedroom window, which was on the other side of the building to the ground floor. I looked out the window decided the drop was too high and I would definitely break something. Besides, some nosy neighbour might see me jumping out the window and could call the police. So that was not an option for me.

Paco pointed to a hatch cover in the ceiling that led to some storage space.  The idea was that I would climb up there and hide until he got rid of Killa. Paco got a chair which I stood on and moved the hatch cover out of the way and hoisted myself up through the hatch. The space was quite large and dark and I just prayed I was not encroaching of some rodent habitat. I replaced the hatch cover but not completely, just letting enough light into the dark space. And I wanted to hear what would transpire, so I could prepare myself for the worst.

Paco by now had on a pair of shorts and I could see that he was tidying up the bedroom and getting rid of the condom wrapper to hide any evidence of my presence or activities in the last half hour. He then went into the living room and I heard him open the main door. There were raised voices from both sides then I heard a slap, then a thud and then breaking glass.

At this point, I almost shat myself. Had Killa knocked Paco out and he hit his head on the glass coffee table and that killed him? Am I a witness (of sorts) to a yardie murder? Would I have to give evidence and have to go into witness protection? Assuming Killa did not find me and kill me, how would I explain my presence in the flat? My fingerprints were all over the place and the Police will get me!!! Shit!!!

The place went quiet. I listened for any movement. Anything at all before I made a move. I wanted to be sure Killa has left the flat before I came down and maybe called the police or run away. I waited what seemed like an eternity. Not even sure I was breathing. I was too scared to. Then I heard some muffled noises, then the bedroom door opened.  And to my relief, Killa and Paco came into my view- they were locked in a passionate kiss. Because of Killa’s height he had Paco clear off the floor and he was carried him to the bed.

They were both in their underwear and it was getting really steamy.  Killa gently laid Paco on the bed and lay on top of him. Paco manoeuvred himself from underneath Killa turned him around and proceeded to suck his thick long shaft. And Paco can suck dick. It was only a few minutes ago I was in that position. He sucked with dedication, taking care of every inch of the shaft. He let out a satisfied moan. Must have been at least 10inches long. I too was getting aroused, but I daren’t move for Killa might hear.

Then Paco moved from the shaft lingered a bit on Killa’s balls. Then Killa grabbed his knees puling them towards his chest and getting into a foetal position thus giving Paco access to rim his asshole. That Paco did not do to me, but from his talented mouth, I assumed this too would have been a blissful experience. This assumption was confirmed by the increased moans from Killa. I heard him moan, “Lick mi man pussy. Lick it out” The rest was unintelligible – well at least to me.  But whatever he was saying would have made sense to other yardies and clearly to Paco; for it looked like Paco was going deeper with his tongue and Killa was getting more and more unintelligible.

What happened next  totally threw me and I had to bite my lip to stop me from making a sound. Paco pulled out a condom slapped it on and lubed his by no means small dick and proceeded to lube Killa’s wet asshole.  NO fucking way!!!! He was going to fuck Killa?!!?

Never before has the adage, “Never judge a book by its cover” (or “-a guy’s dick by his shoe size”; or  “- a guy’s preferred sexual position by his manliness”) – proved so apt.  I thought Killa with all his masculinity; bark; baby mama’s and jail time would be the “Daddy” in this fuck session?  He was “da bitch”. Probably the same in prison too.

Killa then draped his powerful legs over Paco’s shoulders as Paco guided his dick into him. Killa did not flinch – I guess he took it like a man. Paco started pumping away ever so slowly and went into a “grind-fuck”. The sight of his ass moving up, down and around was one to behold. His hips moved independently of his back. Then he found a rhythm and it was like watching a slow “Dutty whine”. I am sure at the receiving end his dick felt like a corkscrew. This seemed to excite Killa, for now I could hear him say “Deepa blud, deepa”. Again most of the other stuff he said was unintelligible —to me. But I liked the action.

Then they changed position. Killa got on all fours at the edge on the bed while Paco stood by the bedside, re-entered and continued the “Dutty whine” only this time with a faster tempo.

This time, Killa must have been confessing to something in Patua.  Sounded like speaking in tongues. The tone of his voice changed and he sounded like a woman crying for the fruit of the womb in a Pentecostal church service. His unintelligible whimpering increased as Paco’s whining motion behind him intensified. Paco pushed Killa’s face down on the bed as he slammed away behind him, his thrusts going longer and deeper. Killa reached beneath his torso and grabbed himself and yanked away furiously at his dick. He let out a very long string of expletives along with a large load of cum. He then collapsed on the bed.

Paco was now lying half on top of him, his hands on Killa’s strong back and still firing away behind him. It did not look like Killa wanted to pull away; maybe he was too tired. But Paco kept going for another minute then his body tensed up, he swore and collapsed on Killa. They both lay their panting.

After about ten minutes, Killa got up and went to the bathroom.  I heard the shower running and Killa humming away happily. Paco looked up at the hatch covering. Got off the bed, grabbed the chair and climbed on it. He moved the hatch aside and beckoned me down.  I quickly climbed down; went into the living room while he replaced the hatch cover. He then came into the living room to let me out of the apartment and mouthed to me that he would call me in the morning.

I did not care, I was just happy to get out of the situation alive!! (Ecstatic by the free sex show I had just seen)

Paco and I spoke a few times after that day, but we never finished what we started. I think I wanted to live to shag another day.  Killa I have not seen again. But I heard not long after that night, he went back inside for manslaughter. Something about accidentally killing a man he found in his lover’s house………

4 thoughts on “A Dangerous Liaison – Cont’d

  1. No be small never judge a book by its cover. I have this fantasy once in a while sha. Thank God no be you them slaughter. Your gist for don reach Naija 😂😂😂

  2. Dayum! This will make an interesting porn flick “script”- only the “adaptation” ends up in a threesome. You being Drilla- Paco- XL & Killa- Knight. Bestseller!

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