The First time

I think we all remember the first time we had man sex. Sometimes it is the first and last time (straight; breeder); sometimes it’s a hobby/ pastime (Bi now, gay later; Confused; Closet queen); or most times if done properly it becomes a lifetime event (“a gay”, Eternal bachelor, Sagba). And for rest who have not tried it….. each to their own. Good or bad, it will remain the first time.

Here is a contribution to the website , which I made under a different name – Jay Myke, last year about my “official” first time.

Here goes……

The year was 1984. Buhari and Idiagbon were in power, they had just launched ‘War against Indiscipline’. The Naira was exchanging for ₦50.00 – $1.00 on the black market. A bag of 50kg rice was about ₦100.00 and the minimum wage was around ₦300.00 a month. It was in Owerri, eastern Nigeria. It was in boarding school.

I was studying for my ‘A’ Levels. It was within a few weeks of starting at the school. It was my first time away from home. I had lived at home while in secondary school in Lagos, but for my ‘A’ Levels, my parents decided I would get a better education in one of the best schools in the country, in the east. They were right, in more ways than one.

He was cute. He was about 6ft tall. He had dark smooth skin. He had a body to die for. It was muscular and sinewy. He had the kind of body you only get in the gym these days with some good steroids. But he did not go to the gym. He played a little bit of football, nothing serious. I guess it was the diet and hot weather that keep him like that.  It was all natural. His body was raw; it was manly.  He had a handsome face and a cheeky smile. He was 2 years older. I was 15. He had been at the boarding school longer than I, having attended secondary school there.  We took the same classes.  He was friendly. He showed me around. In the dormitory, his bed space was next to mine (he arranged that). Beds were joined together. This was the norm across the dormitory, nothing untoward about it. We became friends. We would hang out at break time and study together after dinner.

One night after lights out in the dormitory, we were all in bed. I just started dozing off when I felt a hand reach under the covers and grab me. I did not push it away.  I opened my eyes slightly, to see it was his hand. It was firm, but soft on me. He gently caressed me and I got aroused. I wanted to push his hand away, the mind was willing him to stop, but the body was weak.  I got hard. He stroked it slowly at first and increased the strokes ever so slightly. I felt his other free hand touch my chest caress my nipple, which he began to tweak.

It felt so good, I moaned slightly and my breathing became faster.  He increased the strokes. I think my moaning might have become louder, because the hand on my nipple now covered my mouth so that I did not wake the others. My pelvic moved in sync with his strokes. I met his downward stroke with an upward pelvis thrust and vice versa.  This was not too alien to me. I had done this before, but only when I was alone! The other excitement was the danger that one of the other students might see us and report us………or join in.

My thrusts became quicker and he kept up the rhythm. Then I felt a rush to my loins. My pelvis heaved up and my body shudder. He clasped his hand tightly on my mouth, to stop my ecstatic moans from escaping. I felt the stickiness down there, as he pumped and squeezed the last drop out of me. I was spent. He wiped his hand with a handkerchief and wiped me as well. I turned and looked at him. He smiled and winked. And we fell asleep.

That was my first time, but not my last with him. We went on to do wilder things in hidden places around the school for the rest of the time I was at the school.

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