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Smoke screen

I promised myself that the first entry in this blog would be light hearted and comical. It was meant to be non – political. I don’t like politics, especially politicised sex. As I was telling a dear friend of mine the other day, I don’t care what political leanings or religious beliefs men are, so long as they are clean, have fresh breath, are not racist, are into safe sex, are fit, have a visible backside and are not fat, then I will give shagging them strong consideration.  But having read about the Nigerian anti gay bill earlier this month, I think I should have my say – after all every other Chidi, Segun and Sule is having their say, so why not I?

I know I am wading in a bit late into the discussion and I have read various vitriolic and ignorant comments supporting the bill.  I like the way, people have evoked the “It is not our culture” or “It is the white man’s culture” card to defend the bill. But endemic corruption, bleeding the government coffers, lack of basic infrastructure, abject poverty for millions of Nigerians in the midst of plenty, depriving retired civil servants their pensions and forcing 14 year old virgins into marriage (to mention a few) I guess are part of our culture, so are morally acceptable.

There are also comments that the bill infringes on basic human right laws. Well said, but when have we Nigerians ever given a rat’s ass about Human rights? The right we believe in is the right to plunder and amass wealth when in positions of authority. So much so, that is expected and it is not a case of stealing, but rather how much one can steal. This is how we are measured and damn any “human rights” that gets in our way.

I am not going to bore you with details of how homosexuality, can be traced back centuries in Africa before pale face showed up. And neither will I bore you with details of how homosexuality is rampart and accepted in certain tribes in Northern Nigeria. I am sure you have all read about that.

World leaders like David Cameron(nottie) and Barack Obama (hottie), in condemning the bill have come out saying they will cut aid, if the bill is passed and signed into law.  Now that is all well and good, but who will that impact? The poor. Not the wealthy law makers or top government officials.  That is why they have stuck their collective middle finger up at the lame western threat and told them to go suck some collective cock.  If the west really want to stop the bill, they should hit the Nigerian Government officials where it really hurts –  freeze their heavily laden private bank accounts in your respective countries. And we all know the monies in the accounts are not from their salaries.

We have all waxed lyrical about how the Nigerian legislature would better serve the country if they passed anti-corruption, anti-poverty and social welfare reform bills that will benefit Nigerian population. I agree. But we all know that is not going to happen, because that would mean there would be less for the lawmakers to line their pockets with.

But has anyone wondered why the lawmakers are passionate about passing this bill?  Yes, some would answer, to protect what little vestige of moral fibre is left in the Nigerian society. Some would cynically say, it is to divert attention from real important issues affecting Nigeria that need to be addressed; Or to divert attention from their corrupt practises.

Well, I say it is to divert attention from personal issues.  We all know there is no smoke without fire. But lets look closely at those eager to strike the match?

Did something happen to them in their childhood that they are ashamed of? Or is it still happening now?

Research over the years has generally shown that 10% of the male population is gay.  Currently there are about 468 members in the combined Senate and House of Representatives. Not sure how many are male or female, but lets say a 50/50 split.  So doing the maths about 23 male lawmakers currently sitting in the Nigeria Senate and house of reps are gay. (I have seen the flamboyance of their outfits and I think this is a very conservative number)

So for those championing this ridiculous bill, it would be like throwing a boomerang in the sky, it would come back and whack them upside the head – unless they are cock sure their closet is clean.  And for those who still claim not be gay, passing the bill will be like throwing stones into a crowded market place – you are bound to hit a relative.

I would say to them leave well alone, focus on real issues or before you go around chasing pavements,  make sure your closet is clean, because the skeletons will come out!!


Enough said!!

4 thoughts on “Smoke screen

  1. Interesting thoughts which echo my feeling that not much is going to happen. Its very, very hard to see how corruption can be brought under control when those in control are a significant portion of the problem. As for the gay thing, we all know its everywhere! Its only realistic for people to get real and accept that. But its taken a very long time even in the UK and USA for things to get to where they are now. Nigeria has its own path to follow and our dreams may not be theirs; yet. Human rights will surely continue to be disregarded for some while yet. After all, where’s the motivation for anything to change? Oddly, the minority (and it is a minority) of gay people represent a disproportionately large threat to a community held together by more traditional and religious values. Does that indicate a strong community held together with strong communal values or a fracturing one where the lines of stress are beginning to surface? Time will tell. In the mean time, a country where I may be abused or killed because I’m gay is a country that I plan not to visit, however lovely the land, however generous the people, however culturally rich.

  2. Very interesting read, indeed. Being white european I obviously cannot comprehend the cultural (and moral?) reasons behind the shocking violence and discrimination against homosexuals in Nigeria (and many other African countries).
    I shall be looking forward to a lighter more humorous read in the future though.

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